About Us


My name is David (Dave) and my wife’s name is Janet. We are 65 and 62 years old respectively. My timeline goes – Mills High School in Millbrae, CA, graduated 1965, U.S. Navy 1965 – 1968. Financial Services Industry 1968 – 1996. Business owner in Las Vegas, NV, 1998 – 2006. Retired. Private pilot (Instrument rated) and avid golfer.

Janet graduated from La Canada High School, La Canada, CA, in 1969, and worked in the financial services industry until 1981. Housewife and mother until 1998 when she went to work in the accounting departments of three of the larger hotels in Las Vegas. Retired May, 2013.

For the last year we have been considering our options for retirement. We raised four kids, now between the ages of 28 and 42, and all are employed in Las Vegas. None are married, and consequently, we are not grandparents. We are very proud of our kids.

We finally came to some conclusions in the fall of 2012 and decided to plan Janet’s retirement for June of 2013. She will be retiring May 31st. We decided to shed our 35 year accumulation of household belongings and store the things we couldn’t bear to do without – right now. Our grand plan included acquiring a recreational vehicle (RV) and coming up with a plan to slowly tour, and see the beauty of North America full-time for as long as we remained healthy.

On January 27, 2013, we gave Camping World in Las Vegas a deposit on a 2009 Fleetwood
Turbo Diesel Bounder, and we closed the deal a few days later. We took possession of our new vehicle, and home, on Friday, February 15th. After doing our research we were highly relieved to find a coach that had the majority of the amenities we desired for our long and extended excursion.

Our thanks to Camping World personnel for the “kid gloving” we required before and after our purchase. That is Mike and Steve in Sales, Mike in Service, Rod in Customer Relations, and Paul in Finance. Good job and thank you all. After all, we never owned a rolling home prior to this purchase. We are “out-the-door” happy and ready for the future.

THE PURPOSE of our blog is to advise fellow RVers, and those interested parties of the impressions we gather as we travel along our path, and also the opportunities we find that will serve everyone. As “Boonie People” we personally expect to spend most evenings in places that are either FREE, or of minimal expense.

Blogging to follow as we go down our path.