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Welcome to Two Rivers, Wisconsin!

It took us about six hours to get 280 miles from Rochester, Minnesota to Two Rivers, Wisconsin. About half of this trip was on Interstate-90 but the other half was on some very good country roads. It slowed our speed down to about 50 MPH. We pulled in to the Stop-N-Doc Marina & RV Park about 2 P.M.

Two Rivers, Wisconsin is on Lake Michigan about 40 miles south and a little east of Green Bay. Turns out we hit a jewel of the RV Parks on this one. Located on one of the two rivers, the owners, Chuck and Mary, have owned the jewel since 1989. Originally it was more of a marina but back in the late 1990s the river receded and the marina business slowly declined. Today, even though the river levels are back to full and normal, the RV Park carries the business.

Storm Passing

After Storm Water Reflection
The RV Park is about a mile upstream from the jetty in Two Rivers that allows passage into Lake Michigan. The RV Park has 18 prime spaces each allowing beautiful views of the area. It made for a calm and serene stay at a park without much traffic. We stayed for 28 days!

On our first night in Two Rivers we decided to drive the mile downtown to see what was happening. After all, it was Friday evening. Were we surprised when we found out the town was gearing up for their annual car show that would be held the next day. We attended!

Two Rivers is an older and charming town that has roots back to the mid-1800s. The main street in downtown Two Rivers is about 6-7 block long. There is a natural blending of new and old renovated buildings. Well kept up!

Many of the cars that would be in the car show the next day were parked along the main street. We could tell this next day was going to be something unique. And it was!

We got back downtown early (9 A.M.) the next morning to look at all the cars in the show. The Brats were cooking. Old cars repaired to new again and old cars all jazzed up with chrome engines. Corvettes, Cobra’s, and even a Lotus and a couple Ferrari’s. New and old muscle cars. All showroom shining!

Janet and I have been in Reno during “Hot August Nights” a couple times and I think they had about twice as much product on the main street of this small town. Population of Two Rivers is only 11,500! One car parked in every other parking place for six blocks. Now I know what guys do in Wisconsin in the showy winters. This show was amazing!

As most of you know, Janet and I lived in larger and busier cities. Cities that were attached to larger metropolitan cities. You might notice that we do not linger long in the larger metro area in any state. It is so much more relaxing to stay and meet the people in the smaller communities. People that take the time to talk. It is fun and enlightening to know what they are thinking.

Our second week in Two Rivers saw us take the drive to Green Bay. We had two things on our mind this day. Visiting the local Sam’s for resupply of some of the things we use in quantity, and taking the tour of the legendary football stadium, Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers.

Lambeau Field kind of sneaks up on you as you drive through Green Bay. Green Bay is covered in foliage and all of a sudden you just come upon this massive stadium. The stadium as gone through a large renovation in the last few years, and it actually seats more people than the new Dallas Cowboy stadium in Texas. Lambeau is an outdoor stadium and open to the severe winter weather. I am sure that is why it is referred to as “the frozen tundra” in some television games.

Our tour, which costs $10, started in the new atrium area. About 30 people were in this tour, and the tours start about every 30 minutes. The front of the tour was guided by a very knowledgeable man with just the right amount of humor. His assistant followed as a shepherd insuring no one got left behind, or went off on their own.

The tour took us through some of the stadium’s history touching on the great coach of the 1960s, Vince Lombardi, and some of the great players through the ages. The past two quarterbacks of the Packers, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers seemed to have acquired “cult status”.

 The tour took us up an elevator to one of the corporate party rooms that lurk over the field. This room was about 50 x 50 and had all the amenities. It was located opposite one of the end zones and provided a very good view of the field. If you didn’t like the view you could watch one of the TVs that were well placed in the room. The guide said this room is not owned by any specific corporation, but it is rented for $30,000 a game, and there is a waiting list!
View From Rental
We were herded back into the elevators for the trip down to the bowels of the stadium. In this case, right outside the Packer’s locker room. We didn’t get to go in but they did have a panoramic picture on the wall just outside the locker room. Very plush looking!

From here we proceeded into the tunnel just outside the locker room. This was a stunning experience. Hair-raising for me! As we started down the tunnel toward the corner end-zone entrance to the field a very high-fidelity sound system came to life that gave us all the sounds the players experience as they are heading out for a game. This was so realistic I swear I could smell hot dogs!

As we stepped out onto the asphalt track that rings the field the tour guide continued to pass on information. Standing on field level and looking up at the stadium gives you a better view of just how massive this structure appears. The very slight rise in the middle of the field is barely noticeable as the field appeared flat. They are very proud of this natural grass field.

From here we went back into the bowels of the stadium for a ride on the elevators back to the atrium area where the tour started an hour or so earlier.
Janet Modeling a Super Bowl Ring

The Famous Lambeau Leap!
The sports shop at Lambeau Field was about 10,000 square feet of well-presented merchandise, and it was extremely busy when we came through that area around 10 A.M. It was much more crowded when we came through a couple hours later.

We visited the local Sam’s outlet for an hour and then drove the 40 country miles back to Two Rivers in about an hour.

The next Saturday we attended the 1st Annual Manitowoc, Wisconsin SubFest. The SubFest was held in the marina right next to the Wisconsin Maritime Museum. On display at the wharf next to the museum was the U.S.S. Cobia (SS-245), a submarine that saw action in WWII. The tour of the sub was somewhat different from others I had seen around the country in that there were actual real submariners aboard in each major compartment talking with us as we toured.

Manitowoc, pronounced “Man-It-O-Woc”, Wisconsin, had a ship building business during the Second World War that was commissioned by the government to build 28 submarines. A hand full of them did not come home! Consequently, the people in the surrounding area are very proud of this heritage, and I enjoyed talking it up with the Navy guys.

Manitowoc is located on Lake Michigan and south of Two Rivers about six miles. Besides the SubFest in Manitowoc, we also discovered Culver’s there. Culver’s is a place famous for their Butter-Burgers and Frozen Custard. They are a chain of restaurants across the northern states. We wished we had never discovered Culver’s!

We also discovered The Pine River Dairy in the countryside of Manitowoc. This is a small country farm that produces all kinds of dairy products. Great cheese products and ice-cream cones for 25 cents a scoop. We couldn't get out of this place for less than $50!

We stayed in Two Rivers for four weeks and could have spent a lifetime there. Except for the winters!

Our next stop turned out to be in Milton, Wisconsin, about 200 miles south of Two Rivers, and 25 miles south of the Wisconsin capitol of Madison. The purpose of our weeks stay in the Madison area was to attend the annual rally of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). It was held at the Alliant Energy Center Convention Complex in downtown Madison, and we found it very well attended.

We spent most of one day visiting the vendor’s booths in the exposition hall. We bought a few “must haves” besides joining FMCA. It was an enlightening day. We looked at some of the new motorhomes that were available for viewing in the parking lot and confirmed we still like ours!

A week in Milton was too long as the weather went hot and humid. We would get up in the morning with all the greatest of intentions but when you get blasted with that hot, not warm, humid air our intentions regressed to the air-conditioning splendor of the motorhome. We were glad to get moving on east towards our next stop in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It was an easy drive from Milton to Indianapolis and we got there in about 5 hours. Our RV Park reservations were on the southwest side of Indianapolis in a nice enough park but just off State Highway 37 which made for some road noise. We couldn’t really hear this noise with our air-conditioners running during the days and it wasn’t that busy at night.

Our RV Park was two exits down the freeway from Culver’s. We wish we hadn’t noticed it!

More about Indianapolis in the next posting.

Regards to all from the BooniePeople.

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