Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Something Is Always In Need of Repair On Our Motorhome!

Well, not always, but we just had our malfunction for 2015 and it took a couple days in the repair mode to get it analyzed and repaired. Fortunately we bought an extended warranty on our motorhome when we bought it back in February, 2013, therefore, it isn’t as painful as it could be. More later on these repairs.

After Indianapolis we moved a couple hundred miles on east on Interstate-90 to the Columbus, Ohio area. We picked on the small town of Lancaster, Ohio which is in the country and 30 miles south of the Columbus. We checked into the Lancaster Campground on Wednesday, August 12th for a week’s stay, but when our visit was finished we had stayed 25 nights.

This RV Park was once again one of the smaller parks we have stayed as it only had 24 well shaded spaces for motorhomes and 5th wheelers. 5th Wheelers? That is the term used for the larger trailers that are pulled around by larger Chevy, Ford, or Ram trucks.

I have explained once before the goings on to hook a motorhome up to the electricity, water, and sewer connections when moved into a RV Park. Electricity first, sewer second, and water last, followed by the electric and hydraulic leveling system, and then our three slide outs. It usually takes about 15 minutes to get it all connected and make any adjustments. Then, and only then, does the retired laidback life commence!

A couple hours after we were hooked up we went through a power outage. I thought the RV Park might have gone through some form of “brown-out” situation. This had happened to us a couple times before in the last two years. It gets hot and humid in the neighborhood and everyone turns on their air-conditioners and overloads the local power grid making for a surprise “brown-out”. Suspicions confirmed when after a couple of minutes the system restarted automatically, and we went back to normalcy.

End of problem? No! About two hours later the system went down again. Out of nowhere the air-conditioner, TV, and household appliances are ceased to work. We waited but nothing happened, sooooo, I went outside to check with our neighbors on each side to see if they were having the same problems. No they weren’t. Ug! What could it be? I went to the park’s electrical tower where I had plugged our 50 AMP plug to bring electricity of the park to the motorhome. Treating it like a computer, I recycled it. Off and then on, and, the system started right up. My next immediate thought was it was the park’s tower was the problem, but over the next couple days that turned out to be wrong. The local professional diagnosis noticed that a circuit breaker had tripped and that it wouldn’t reset. We replaced the circuit breaker that had gone bad but we continued to lose the electricity a couple times a day. Then we noticed that our onboard 50 AMP cord was showing signs of wear so we had it fixed. Still the problem existed. At this point I called the Fleetwood factory in Indiana to speak to a technician. He narrowed the problem down to a faulty “transfer switch” or the “converter”. He gave me the name of the industry service people in our area and I called them and made an appointment. It was a 25 mile drive to get to them but they got the problem fixed while I played a round of golf, and we did get back to normal.

If I could get our two air-conditioners and our refrigerator replaced before the extended warranty runs out in February of 2017 this little cruiser would be brand new! Or as we say in Vegas, what are the odds?

Lancaster provided all of our usual amenities. Of course we shop at Wal-Mart. We found a neat little pizza maker a couple hundred yards from the RV Park. Also an ice-cream parlor is next to the pizza maker. That is a must! A nice supply of restaurants in Lancaster including Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, an Asian Buffet, and the ever present Mexican food. No weight lost in Lancaster!

Janet and I spent our 37th wedding anniversary at the local Japanese restaurant – Konami. We had the Hibachi style fillet with lobster and shrimp, and a trip to the local ice-cream parlor for desert.

One of our favorite restaurants during this year’s excursion has turned out to be “Chili’s”. We found them in Vegas last winter. They have the best Mexican selections on their menu, and since they are a chain restaurant that is nationwide the Mexican plates are prepared the same in all their stores. YOU should try this in your future. The two entre price is $8.50 with rice and beans!

Our time in Lancaster, Ohio ended the day after Labor Day, September 8th. Our next stop is a 380 mile drive east on Interstate-90 to Niagara Falls, New York.

Lancaster was voted our “Maintenance Nightmare Award” as we woke up on the 8th with a flat back left outside tire that was off the rim. Fortunately it was just a bad valve extender that was slowly leaking, but it delayed our departure from Lancaster an hour by the time we got it fixed and re-inflated.

We arrived in Niagara Falls at 3 P.M. just before the 1.1 million people that live in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls Metro area got off work and started home. This is a big city and the freeways are under construction. Cones are everywhere. Tomorrow we are going to The Falls and you can look forward to that in the next post.

Our best to all the BooniePeople followers.

Dave & Janet

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