Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Good Time With Friends In Washington

Today is a rainy day in Pasco, Washington, and we are preparing to move on to Idaho this coming Friday, the 15th of May. We haven’t seen many rainy days since we left the Las Vegas area back on March 16th. Maybe just two or three and that is fine with us. Especially after our trek down the Oregon shore two years ago where I almost sent an S.O.S. out for “Noah”.

Back in the second week of April we moved from Reno towards our next destination at Pendleton, Oregon. That is almost 600 miles. We drove 360 lonely and desolate miles from Reno before we stayed overnight in Marsing, Idaho. Marsing is a farming and ranching community located on the Snake River about 40 miles west of Boise, on Highway-95. The river was about 100 yards from our space in the Riverhaven RV Park. This is by far one of the quietest and darkest RV parks we have stayed since we started our excursion two years ago. Quiet from the standpoint you couldn’t hear anything at all at night outside, and so dark we needed a flashlight so we wouldn’t bump into anything walking around motorhome in the evening. Really dark!

After a great night’s sleep we continued our journey around 8 A.M. For about 70 miles we took Highway-95. This is truly the road less travelled as we went by the small country communities of Homedale, Wilder, and Parma, before reaching Interstate-84 North at Ontario, Idaho. Continuing, we went by Baker City and La Grande, Oregon before we descended the steep grade just east of Pendleton. Easily a 100 mile northerly view at the top of the grade. It was around 1 P.M. when we pulled in the Wildhorse Resort & Casino where we had reservations to stay a week.

After living in Las Vegas for 20 years you might think, “Why a casino?” Well, the casino has its own golf course behind the RV Park. Good course with a nice driving range which I was planning to use to sharpen up my game before getting to my golfing friends in Pasco. I got in a couple of good practice sessions before we moved on but never did get on the course. Major mistake!

From the Wildhorse in Pendleton one of our sightseeing days took us 50 miles east to Walla Walla, Washington. A drive through the farm lands was slow and meandering. Walla Walla is known for onions and like most everywhere in the area, wine. The hills of southeastern Washington are covered with groves. Grapes growing everywhere. We had lunch at the local golf course before heading back to Pendleton.

Pendleton is famous for the Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo that goes down about the third week of September each year. Also the mill that makes “Pendleton” wool shirts is here. We toured it! We also took the guided tour of the Pendleton “Underground”. In the late 1800’s Pendleton was an immigrant community. Many were Asians that ran their businesses under the street side businesses. It was cold and damp down in these establishments. Illegal businesses were also run underground.

On April 16th we moved 100 miles to Warden, Washington, which is about 50 miles north of the Tri-Cities, Washington. (Tri-Cities are Pasco, Richland, and Kennewick) I lived in Kennewick for nine months 40 years ago just before moving back to Southern California in 1976. We had a week’s reservation in Warden at the Sage Hill Golf & RV Resort. The Warden area is basically an agriculture area on Washington State Highway-17, 15 miles south of Moses Lake and Interstate-90. I never did get to play the golf course as we just used the RV Park for its security. We left our motorhome and took the jeep for a three night trip into the Seattle area to see relatives and friends.

We spent a few hours walking Moses Lake. A nice town . . . on a lake! In and out of some shops. Janet put her nails and toes through the re-beautification process. We eventually drove 30 miles north to Ephrata to see if it was growing. It had been 40 years since I had been here chasing some business in those days. Old town looked like it had been refurbished somewhat but the newer part of town was now on the east bank of the river. A Super Wal-Mart, etc. Good people come from small towns! Right, Wado?

On Sunday the 19th of April we took the Jeep 200 miles to the Seattle area to visit friends, and Janet’s brother Steve, and Steve’s daughter Kendra. Proud of Kendra for finishing law school at Seattle U.

Friends we have known a long time, and friends we wish we were physically closer too. Friends that were instrumental years ago in pointing us in the correct direction. It was great catching up with you all if only for a short time.

Thanks again, Steve and Kendra, for taking us whale watching. What a perfect day. Blue skies, 66 degrees on the boat, and with no wind the water was as calm as a bath tub. So perfect with the whales cooperating also.

Thanks to Patti and Mae for deciding on Arnie’s at the Marina in Edmonds. I liked that as much as, if not more, than Scoma’s in San Francisco. Scoma’s is an ole local’s hangout at Pier 47 in San Francisco. By the way, Pier 47 is only 500 yards west of the main tourist hangouts on Pier 39.

We moved the coach the 50 miles from Warden to Pasco, Washington on Friday, April 24th for a two week stay at the Franklin County RV Park at TRAC. This RV Park is close to friends, golf courses, and all of our shopping favorites. This must be heaven!

Once again we reacquainted ourselves with friendships that have lasted in the 20 – 40 year range. After two weeks at the county RV Park we moved into Jeff and Amanda’s driveway for our third and final week in the Tri-Cities area.

We visited Kim out at Anelare Winery in Benton City and replenished our vino supply. Vino has got to hit “your” palate to be right. What is good for you might not be good for someone else, etc. Anelare Wines works for us! Glad to find you happy Kim. That John is a lucky guy!
A mini-reunion for the “same time next year group” here in the Tri-Cities was sedate. See you guys in Reno next January.

I think that I played golf and recorded 11 scores to my handicap with the Southern Nevada Golf Association while we spent 21 days in the Tri-Cities. Expectations were high upon our arrival in Pasco but I have gone on to prove that what used to be a reasonably decent golf game in now well over the hill. Scores that I haven’t posted since I was 11 or 12 or 13 years old were a daily occurrence here. Like in the past, “more” golf didn’t equal better golf. It just got worse. I am glad to see that Jeff and Amanda are still enjoying a decent game.

Well, that is it for Washington. We are out of here Friday for points east. Hopefully as far east as Maine in September/October. Follow us along our route. We are headed to places north of anywhere we have ever been and I’ll write something that might interest you.

Dave & Janet the “BooniePeople”.

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