Saturday, March 21, 2015

Taos, New Mexico Has History & Art

It was an easy 250 mile drive from Colorado Springs. Except when we came upon 15-20 horses on the open range. We saw the sign and kind of chuckled, but about two miles down the road I spotted the horse about 500 yards in front of us, and in the road. We naturally slowed down but one horse thought he owned the highway and it took us a couple seconds extra to miss him. We came across sheep about 20 miles further.

The RV Park in Taos was nice. The weather was cold in the early morning with a slight wind blowing and then it warmed up into the afternoon. Our first feeling of cooler weather this year was kind of nice to feel. We had taken the heavier gear out in Colorado Springs and certainly needed it here. 

On our second and last day in Taos we got up early and drove the seven miles west on Highway 64 to take some day break pictures of the Gorge Bridge over the Rio Grande River. When we arrived at the bridge the temperature was 40 degree and the wind was blowing about 10 MPH. Buurrr! We got some pretty good pictures. I stood center span on the bridge with toes curled up. Whoa, that’s a long ways down! Maybe 500 feet!?


We got back into Taos in time for Huevos Rancheros at the Taoseno New-Mex Restaurant. So good I bought a T-Shirt!  It is good to be back in the west where Mexican food has more flavor and heat. In the east it was bland. We went to the Taos town plaza to catch the 10:45 A.M. tourist trolley which took us out to the Taos Pueblo, the Martinez Estate, and the old Catholic Church – St. Francis Assisi. The Taos Pueblo has aged from 1,000 years ago. Nice tour guide gave a great presentation at the Taos Pueblo.


We finished our visit to Taos with a late afternoon lunch at one of the top restaurants in Taos, Doc Martin’s. Doc Martin was a man in the history of the area. So, was the western cowboy Kit Carson, who is buried here, along with Dennis Hopper who filmed “Easy Rider” here with Peter Fonda in the 1970s.

We scheduled and enjoyed our two days stay in Taos, but this deserves more than two days. We hope to get back to this area in the future.

It is only 70 miles to our next destination, Santa Fe the capitol of New Mexico.

Regards to all,

Dave & Janet (a.k.a. “The BooniePeople”)

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