Saturday, March 21, 2015

Escapee RV Club Co-Op Park - North Ranch at Congress, Arizona

On October the 15th it only took a little longer than a couple hours to drive the 113 miles from Williams, Arizona to Congress, Arizona. The path we followed took us through Prescott, Arizona. We missed a turn off on the north side of Prescott and ended up taking 30 miles of steep switch-back highway on the south side of Prescott. That was enough excitement to last a while!  

The RV Park at Congress, Arizona is the 10th Escapee RV Club Park we have stayed in 2014. The Escapee host greeters at Congress are Tom and Alet. The same people that greeted us in Bushnell, Florida and Branson, Missouri. They took the summer to travel. Congress is their home park as they own property in this Escapee Co-Op Park. It was nice seeing them again.

“North Ranch”, as the park is known to Escapee members is about 45 south of Prescott, 17 miles north of Wickenburg, and 60 miles from the northwest Phoenix suburb of Glendale where the 2015 Super Bowl was played. North Ranch is definitely in the country. A very quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and we stayed here for 18 days. This park is a Co-Op park with over 400 separately owned pieces of property by Escapee members. The RV Park has room for over 100 short-term members.


One of the excursions we took away from North Ranch was to Prescott, Arizona. We enjoyed the western cowboy appeal the town projects. A nice downtown area with a central government building in the center of town. Many western shops and restaurants.
Other excursions went to Lake Pleasant Marina RV Park where we started our 2014 excursion last February. Also trips to Sun City, Peoria, Glendale, and Goodyear, Arizona, where we met our Phoenix area relatives for a pow-wow.
We stayed in Congress for 18 days before moving 180 miles north to the Black Canyon/Willow Beach Campground in Arizona, but in the Lake Mead National Recreational Area, about 20 miles south of Hoover Dam.
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