Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Janet’s Bucket List Is Shrinking With Our Visit To Graceland

It was with a bit of sadness that we left new friends behind after our three month stay in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. We came to Knoxville for a month and stayed for three! We took many good memories with us on September 9th as we got back on our adjusted path by moving the coach 250 miles west for a three day stay in Memphis, Tennessee. Our reservations were at The Graceland RV Park right across the street from Elvis Presley’s home – “Graceland”.

Presley Residence Set Back of Street

Back of Main Residence
The drive from the Knoxville area to Memphis was uneventful other that the calamity of driving around and through the Memphis area getting to our RV Park. Memphis, like all big cities, is crowded and busy, especially during rush hours. Of course I forgot to mention there was plenty of freeway construction going on also. Janet’s navigational techniques (iPad) got us to the right freeway and the right off ramp and we made it to our nice shaded space without difficulty. This RV Park is very transient and busy being right across the street from one of the major tourist attractions in the country. They gave us a nice pass-through site for the three night stay.

Of course it rained a little during our brief stay in Memphis. That is what it does back here around the humidity of the Mississippi River. A nice little electrical storm one evening that TV said produced some flooding across town. We were concerned enough to find that out on our own.

We were up early and a little excited on this bright-sunny day as we walked through the RV Park, out the back gate, and into the gift shop and ticketing building which are also across the street from Graceland. They have continuous buses to take you across the very busy street.

The ticket we bought armed us with a touring device about the size of a large iPad with earphones. The tour started right through the front door with the narrator, John Stamos, telling us all about the living room on the right and dining room on the left. A real class presentation as the whole tour was electronically programmed as we switched rooms in the house.

The Presley house was very large (10,300 sq. feet) by the standard of the 1950’s as it was purchased for around $100,000 in 1957. Presley eventually built on bringing the footage to over 17,000 sq. feet. The 13.8 acre property was built in 1940. The house, when built, was in a rural atmosphere. Today it is well in town, and certainly not the nicest part of town. There remains horses on the property today, and the overall property is well maintained.

Elvis Presley died in one of the upper bathrooms on August 16, 1977. He is buried in the properties Meditation Garden along with his parents, grandmother, and still-born brother, Jesse Garon. All of this area is open to the public.

The tickets for the tour was a well spent $43 apiece. The property gets about 600,000 visitors a year. I would suggest you go online and read the Wikipedia on “Graceland” if you have a further interest.

Our second night in Memphis was consumed by the rain storm I mentioned above. We stayed in, watched a little TV, and hoped our third day in Memphis would not be a washout. As it turned out, it rained well into the day. We thought our well planned evening was going to get rained out for sure, but it quit raining around noon. The sandy landscape in the Memphis area drained well and we made it the eight miles to downtown around 4:30 P.M. Parking is adequate in downtown Memphis and we made it to the 5 P.M. “walk of the ducks” in the old and famous Peabody Hotel.

Lobby Sitting Area in Peabody Hotel
Ducks Go Right Into the Elevaator

This was followed by taking in the sights, sounds, and smells on Beale Street.  This area is about two blocks long and is full of jazz clubs, bars, and restaurants. We eventually had dinner at The Blues City Café. Very tasty!

Beale Street
We got a good night’s sleep in preparation for our move the next day to Branson, Missouri.

Regards to all,

Dave & Janet (a.k.a. “The BooniePeople”)

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