Monday, October 6, 2014

An Inspirational and Memorable Setting - Museum of Appalachia

One of the interesting places we visited in the Knoxville, Tennessee area was the Museum of Appalachia where the past can touch your soul. Located 16 miles north of downtown Knoxville just off Interstate 75 in Norris, Tennessee it was just 5 miles from our RV Park.

It is said that we simply can’t appreciate where we are today, or understand where we are going tomorrow, unless we understand where, as a culture, we have been in the past.

This museum is part of the Smithsonian Affiliations Program. It is an American treasure that stands alone as a tribute to the American spirit. It is about family, country, hard work, and respect for tradition. John Rice Irwin founded the museum in 1969 with one log cabin.

You can read stories of a hardy and resourceful people, or share memories between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren. You could spend time in the Hall of Fame, which is a tribute to the Appalachian people. Walk through the Display Barn and marvel at the ingenuity of our ancestors. Stroll rustic paths to the cabins, or simply rock on the porch and enjoy the picturesque view. Hear musicians playing old-time music, or browse regional crafts in the gift shop. Here you will find the Mark Twain Family Cabin and the Dan’l Boone Cabin among others.

This adventure left me with an inspirational look into the past and we found it well worth the visit.

Museum of East Tennessee History

The East Tennessee Historical Society (ETHS), headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, is dedicated to the study of East Tennessee history, the preservation of historically significant artifacts, and educating the citizens of Tennessee, and those interested. The Society also operates the Museum of East Tennessee History on Gay Street in downtown Knoxville. The East Tennessee Historical Society was established in 1834, only 38 years after the establishment of the state of Tennessee, to record the history of the development and settlement of the area.

Janet and I found this museum very interesting. It is “time-lined” in its presentation as you walk through the museum. Artifacts such as Davy Crockett’s rifle, a Virginia Road Wagon, a 1903 Cadillac, Tennessee Valley Authority information, Oak Ridge Memorabilia, a Country Music Gallery, and Dolly Parton’s dress.

Downtown Knoxville points of interest are encompassed in an area about a mile square. In this area you can find a renovated business area, Tennessee River Paddle Wheeler access, 1982 World’s Fair area, and the University of Tennessee and football stadium. Come for breakfast and stay for dinner! There is plenty to do and you would want to see it if you were there.

Regards to all,

Janet & Dave (a.k.a. – The BooniePeople)

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