Monday, May 26, 2014

Wow! Key West, Florida

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Today is Monday, May 26th and we have been settled into Savannah, Georgia for the past eight days. Savannah should definitely be on your list of places to visit. A sightseeing heaven!

Last I posted to our travel blog was back on May 10th. Since then plenty has happened. Our normally slow easy pace suddenly increased with the arrival of our daughters, Stacey and Stefanie, from Las Vegas. They flew into Miami International on Wednesday the 13th and spent one night “living the life” in a hotel in the South Beach area of Miami. We had experienced Miami and Miami Beach a few days earlier and were able to extract them from this crowded under construction area by picking them up around 9:30 A.M. It took about 40 minutes for the 30 mile drive back south to Homestead. Janet and I had made the RV ready to travel before we had left for Miami earlier that morning. So, it was just a matter of attaching the Jeep to the RV and headed out south for the 120 mile trip down to Key West. We were somewhat excited to make this move because it was on our calendar for the past year. Anticipation was high and we were excited the girls decided to make the trip east to join us for the adventure.

Having never been down in this area before I had just assumed we would be down in Key West in a couple hours but that was not so. The drive, while beautiful, is a leisurely meandering jaunt down U.S. Highway #1 through one small community and another on a basically two lane road. Only a few stop signs and electrical stop lights but this little amazing drive took just over three hours. Average speed was something like 40 MPH, and of course for the driver of the coach it wasn’t exactly sightseeing. Especially on the two-lane (One lane each way!) “Seven Mile Bridge”. Don’t get me wrong. The road was in good shape and kept us moving as it was professionally constructed to allow for right and left hand turn lanes which kept the flow through of traffic on the move.

The real fun started in Key West. Our destination, Bluewater Key RV Resort, was located at mile marker 14.5 and was easy to spot when we came upon it. Okay, so we splurged. I figured if we were going to a heavenly place we might as well stay in one of the nicest RV Parks on the planet, and it exceeded our expectations. Most of the RV spaces are right on and facing the Atlantic Ocean. Ours had a private grass hut which included at refrigerator and flat-screen. 

Mile marker “0” on U.S. Highway #1 is located in Key West where the highway turns into a city street and T-Bones into Duval Street. Duval is one of the main streets. Not too far from this mile marker, which is an attraction in itself, is the buoy on the shoreline which signifies the most southern spot in the 50 U.S. states. It also indicates 90 miles to Cuba. Yes, we had our picture taken there!

I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed ourselves while in Key West. The downtown area of Key West is pretty much where all the tourists, like us, hang out. I’d say it is a couple of miles       square of the usual touristy things to do. The “Little White House” is here from the President Truman era. Ernest Hemmingway’s house and Sloppy Joes Bar, where the famous author hung out in the 1930’s. I assume he gathered some inspiration! Certainly an abundance of sightseeing opportunities, good restaurants, unusual cocktail establishments, and quirky trinket joints.

We stayed in Key West for three nights before moving on up the Florida coast to stops at St. Augustine, Florida, Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. I’ll bring you up to date on those stops in the next few days.

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