Friday, October 18, 2013

We Are In Mourning - Our Water Pump Died!

           Today is Friday, October 18th, and our last week has been quite exciting. We moved the 100 miles from Lincoln City, Oregon to Florence, Oregon a week ago today. It was a beautiful day as we moved down the coast. The terrain went from next to the beach to just over a thousand feet in elevation a couple times and other than just enjoying the vistas the drive was uneventful.


            We had made reservations here in Florence a few days before we made the drive so our destination was the Pacific Pines RV Park. This is the time of the year at the beach that is left to the older retired set. The RV parks are not full and I think we could just drive from place to place without reservations but I just know the first time I try that we will end up without a place to stay. So, a couple days before we switch locations I research the area we are headed and make a reservation. 
            It has turned out that Pacific Pines RV Park is probably the nicest park we have stayed during our, now, four month journey. The anniversary of our fourth month is today. Janet keeps track of stuff like that! Like yesterday was our daughter Stacey’s half birthday. She is now 31-1/2! Happy half B-Day Stacey! Anyway, Pacific Pines has all the amenities we look for in an RV park, and we were very content with the three days we stayed there.

           Florence, Oregon is a small town of just over 8,400 people. The town is on the north bank of the Siuslaw River which terminates in the Pacific Ocean. This is the time of the year that the salmon are running so fishing is quite popular right now. Janet and I went down to Bay Street (touristy area with restaurants, shops, and marina.) last Sunday and watched the fisherman cleaning their catch. Their salmon were in the two to three foot range and they said no one was having trouble catching their limit.

            Florence is also very popular for the sand dunes that are along the ocean here. Riding 4 x 4’s seems to be the cult here. The dunes are spectacular!
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            Our mailing address during our travels is a post office box back in Las Vegas. Stacey clears the mail about every three weeks and then calls to go through it with us. Eventually she sends us what appears to be significant. We have her send it to us care of general delivery at the main post office at a town in our path. Last week I had her send it to Reedsport, Oregon. A town that is about 20 miles south of Florence. We drove down and picked it up this past Tuesday and also researched the area of our next coach move. That move will be to the marina at Winchester Bay, Oregon later today.
            Into everyone’s life a little grief must fall and ours finally came this past Wednesday when we noticed a puddle near the rear of our coach. The puddle was getting larger! Fortunately I bought a little mechanical insurance on the coach when we bought it last February. We were advised to take the coach to Florence RV, a small repair shop, for analysis and it turned out the pump on the cooling system to the diesel engine lost its life. We continued to live in the coach on the lot at Florence RV. They had a new pump overnighted (Fed-Ex) down from Portland and we were as good as new 24 hours later.
            After our release from the RV hospital we took up a boondocking residence for three days in the parking lot of the Three Rivers Casino here in Florence. This was very interesting. They have a separate parking area for this type adventure and we were surrounded by about twenty other coaches and fifth-wheel trailers each evening. The casino offers a seven day stay at my favorite price – FREE! Naturally we ate in the casino and Janet taught me all about slot machines!
            We finally got a break in the weather here in Florence. No clouds in the sky and daytime temps around 65. Not that the rains stopped us, it is so much easier to sightsee when it isn’t raining! 
            We will be spending the next four or five days on the Winchester Bay Marina followed by a 30 mile southerly migration to the Coos Bay area. We are considering further stops in Bandon and Gold Beach, Oregon before we go all the way to Napa, California around the first of November.   I think we will pick up the California coast at Santa Cruz and continue south. 

            It remains a wonderful day in the neighborhood, and we hope it is for you also.



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