Monday, October 7, 2013

The Area Around Lincoln City, Oregon is Wonderful

           The Oregon coast has some amazing sights. Sure the coast is beach after beach, but each one seems to have its own personality. None seem to be small. Some are miles long. As we drove from Cannon Beach to Lincoln City back on October 2nd it was a beautiful blue skied day. We hadn’t seen many of those in the prior two weeks. The rain turns out to be tiring when it comes day after day, and through the nights. It’s now Monday, October 7th and after four days of blue skies it started to rain again last night and it is expected through the day tomorrow. This isn’t a driving rain storm like last week. Just a constant down pouring. Life goes on! 

            We have finally gotten some minor problems with the coach. Maybe due to the rain! Who knows? One of the basement pass-through bays on the right side is jammed shut at this time. I tried to install a new locking mechanism and when I tested it in the shut position the lock jammed instead of shutting cleanly. With the rain I’ve decided not to mess with the door further, but just leave it jammed closed until we get to better weather. I will need to empty the bay from the opposite side of the coach to get to the lock. 

            The other problem was in the refrigerator system. The hose that supplies the water to the ice-maker ruptured. This little leak turned into a big leak before we got the situation figured out. Ace hardware had the parts to get it fixed and I accomplished that today. In the rain naturally! 

            During the 90 mile drive from Cannon Beach to Lincoln City we stopped in Tillamook, Oregon to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Very interesting to see how they made the different products. We watched the production line then got to test five or six different cheeses before they turned us loose in their after tour product store. Needless to say, we have plenty of cheese products onboard the coach now. Their ice cream products are all excellent also. 

            From the cheese factory we moved on to the other tourist attraction in Tillamook which is the air museum out at the airport. This was fascinating. Tillamook was the third city on the west coast to house blimps during World War II. The other two cities were Santa Ana, California and San Jose (Sunnyvale), California. The blimps were used during the WWII years
to search for enemy submarines offshore. Tillamook had two of the large hangars until one burned down a few years back. The hangers were made of wood. Well anyway, the remaining hangar at Tillamook is used to house the air museum today. It is huge and the pictures I took don’t do the size justice. HUGE! The air museum has planes dating back to fighter planes from World War I. Top speed 97 MPH and surprisingly smaller than a small Cessna. Also many of the war planes used in World War II, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Even a Mig-17! This would be worth your time if you ever get in the area.
            Last Saturday we took the 25 mile drive down the coast to Newport, Oregon. A very clear and beautiful day. The ocean water was very blue with bright white breaking waves at the beach. A painter's delight!

            The major attraction in Lincoln City, Oregon is the Chinook Winds Casino. Janet and I really don’t have any interest in the games anymore, but this is a very nicely done casino built on the cliffs above the beach. Their steakhouse restaurant overlooks the surf, and the everyday buffet is excellent. 

            Another couple of days in Lincoln City before we move on down the coast 100 miles to the Reedsport/Winchester Bay area.

            Enjoy your day!

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