Wednesday, October 2, 2013

So Far . . . It Has Been A Rainy Oregon Coast

           It is Wednesday, October 2nd, and we have been in the rainy northern Oregon coast (Astoria to Tillamook) for six nights. Since Friday morning, September 27th it has been raining day and night. Raining soft and hard and sometimes the rain turns to little hail stones about the size of Advil tablets. The temperatures were in the low 50s. Our umbrellas are getting a workout. 

            We moved from Copalis Beach, Washington on Thursday, September 26th and took up residence at the Circle Creek RV Park in Seaside, Oregon. Circle Creek is a nice little park that is bordered on its south and west sides by a nice meandering stream. The park is built on manicured grass with the RV spaces made of compacted granite. A very clean park.  

            On Saturday morning, September 28th, last Saturday, with rain falling hard for the second day in a row, we got a knock on the coach about 9:30 A.M. from the lady that manages the office in the park. Exciting and urgent news! She explained that the nice meandering stream that runs past the park had flooded the park eight times in 2012. Huh? It didn’t say anything like that in the description of the park at RV Review! She went on to say that the stream’s banks had been reconstructed during a dryer time this past summer and they were not 100% sure the park wouldn’t flood considering the area was projected to have four more days of constant and hard rain. To play it safe she was recommending we vacate immediately, and she gave us recommendations to two other parks in the area.  

            We went into hyper speed. We readied the coach for departure in about 25 minutes. Utilities unhooked and stowed, slides were retracted, and interior articles stowed for engine start.  Travel to our next destination was going to be seven miles further south to the community of Cannon Beach. Naturally, the Cannon Beach RV Park is on higher ground as we learned another lesson! Cannon Beach has the feel of a Carmel, California, except not as expensive! 
            It took us a couple days to figure out that sightseeing was going to be done in the rain or not at all. This past Sunday, with rain falling hard, we drove about 40 miles down the coast to Tillamook, Oregon. There are two things to do in Tillamook that most tourists experience. The cheese factory and the air museum. We decided we wouldn’t do them until we drive south later in the week. 

            We also checked out a couple RV Parks in the Tillamook area that we might consider as we move south later in the week. We met the owner of the park in Rockaway Beach. Interestingly enough, she was a very nice chatty little gal around 65-70 years old. Turns out she had lived in Henderson’s Sun City Anthem back in the days when it was first building out. She lived on one of the fairways of the Lexington Golf Course. She said she bought it low and sold it high, and moved on. I love her position now. Living at the beach and renting overpriced spaces in her own RV Park. Small world! 

            While sightseeing in the rain the last few days we saw the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, and the “lightship” Columbia which was tied up nearby. The Columbia was a working marker buoy with a crew of 12 that was 5 miles at sea marking the entrance to the Columbia River for many years. 

           In a dry moment we were out at the mouth of the Columbia River where it meets the Pacific Ocean. These waters don’t need a storm to be rough and over the years many seamen have lost their lives entering and exiting the river. A stunning view in all directions from the south jetty.
My favorite picture of the day.
             I enjoyed seeing the golf course at Gearhart, Oregon. It was established in 1892. Just off the ocean, it looked a lot like some of the golf courses on the Monterey Peninsula. Very mature and manicured Cypress Trees. I would have played it except for the rain! 

            Many beautiful beaches as we moved the 20 or so miles south from Astoria were made even more beautiful by the rough seas due to the storm.

             We enjoyed the summer beach atmosphere of Seaside, Oregon even though the storm indicates that the fall season has arrived. Nobody got the word in Seaside as short pants are still being worn! This little town reminded me of Santa Cruz, California. A real boardwalk atmosphere, but with more really nice restaurants and cozy cocktail joints. 
            We will be leaving Oregon’s north coast area tomorrow morning, October 3rd. This is supposed to be the last day of the storm except for a little separate event on Sunday. Seems the further south we go the milder it will get. I’d say right now that Tillamook, Lincoln City, Winchester Bay, Bandon, and Gold Beach, Oregon are on our chart between now and November 1st. 
            We hope you are enjoying the pictures we post.
           Janet started taking the pictures below as we approached the Astoria - Megler Bridge which spans the 2 or 3 miles across the mouth of the Columbia River. While the north side of the span is slightly raised the south side is raised a couple hundred feet to allow the larger shipping to pass under. I don't particularly like driving on two lane roads where there is no "out".



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