Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leaving Oregon Behind

          Today was Wednesday, October 23rd and when we awoke this morning we were in Eureka, California. Yesterday we were going to move 60 miles from the Winchester Bay RV Park to either Bandon or Port Orford, Oregon but during the first hour of our drive we jointly came to the conclusion the sun was never going to shine again for us on the Oregon coast and we just decided to drive until we came to sunshine. We never did come to any sunshine but six hours and 210 miles later we decided to stop driving in a foggy Eureka, California.


            It was an interesting drive. We saw more of the rough sections of Oregon’s coast. The fury of the Pacific Ocean and some nice long waves I’m sure that California surfers dream of. Lush green rolling hills as they came down to Highway 101. Five minute spurts of driving in beautiful blue skies followed by paralyzing and endless areas we drove through the thickest fog you can imagine. The endless beauty of driving through the lushness of the redwoods of northern California. Where the trees were over 100 feet tall and they draped over the entire roadway. Unforgettable! 

            Our average speed for six plus hours of driving was something in the high thirty miles per hour. Many small communities where the maximum posted speed limit was 25 MPH and those moments in the thick fog where visibility was down to 100 feet. We will never forget one foggy stretch where I was down to about 20 MPH with low visibility when we rolled out onto a two lane bridge that spanned the abyss. The only thing I saw was a sign that said the bridge was 345 feet in length. My initial thought was something along the lines of hoping the whole bridge was there. Needless to say the drive wore me out, and we were delighted to get to Eureka just in time to get the Fleetwood settled into a very nice RV park before final light. 

            At Winchester Bay we lived self-contained on an un-populated marina for four days. Our last night was spent 500 yards away in one of the nicest RV parks we have stayed. We dumped our tanks and got the coach ready to travel the next day.

We came to the conclusion the Florence/Reedsport/Winchester Bay, Oregon area was our favorite area we stayed in during the last month. Something about the smallness of these communities. The wholesomeness of the people and certainly the amazing beauty of this coast area. Hey, we had some very sunny days there also! 

            Before we move on to the Napa, California area we have decided to spend a couple more nights here in Eureka. My business career brought me to Eureka 40 years ago and I remember staying at the Eureka Inn. Today the Eureka Inn is a national historical landmark and still has a pretty ritzy restaurant. We spent some time at the Inn today. From what I can remember it hasn’t changed much. Noisy wooden slatted floors persist, but they moved the piano out of the lounge and into the lobby! We are looking forward to trying that restaurant tomorrow night.


            We took many pictures during the last few weeks and only some of them made our previous postings. These small thumbnail sized images I post into the blog really don’t do some of them justice. Enjoy as much as you can and we will be talking to you down the road.

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