Friday, August 23, 2013

Getting On The Road

           Friday, August 23, 2013 is our 66th day on the road. As the ole RV saying goes, “Everything is good”! 

I titled my last post “Living Life in Idaho Falls” and then explained some of the things we were doing around that Eastern Idaho metropolis. It has boiled down to us doing the normal run of the mill things we would be doing if we were at home in Las Vegas, or anywhere. While you might feel as if I am complaining in our retirement, I am not. What I am doing is admitting to a tactical mistake in planning our movement in the coach. 

            Some mornings we get up early and some we get up a little later. Some mornings we have breakfast on the coach while other mornings will find us down at IHop or Denny’s before we chase some of the errands that come up. Just like back in Las Vegas. 

            Some days we got up early and played golf with my brother-in-law, Gary. Gary was married to my sister, Diane, when she passed away at age 55 in 2005. After her passing Gary sold the house in Henderson and moved to Idaho Falls. Gary was lucky with his real estate by selling and departing Las Vegas before the real estate markets fell apart. He built a very nice house in Idaho Falls, and we have been over to barbecue a couple times since we came to town. 

            We saw a couple movies before we left Idaho Falls this past Thursday. The hilarious comedy, “We’re the Millers”, and the shoot’em up movie with Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg, "2Guns". Both, in their own genre, were very entertaining. 

            We departed Idaho Falls after spending 28 days there. It was nice to see my brother-in-law, Gary, Idaho Falls, Yellowstone N.P., and the nice golf courses in the area. Our stay in the Sunnyside Acres RV Park was as uneventful as it should be. Nice well-kept park. 

Snake River in downtown Idaho Falls
            We are rolling on Idaho’s Interstate 84 with expectations of getting to the Tri-Cities, Washington by Tuesday, August 27th. We departed Idaho Falls at 8 A.M. and four hours later found ourselves 230 miles downstream and pulling into the Mountain Home, Idaho RV Park. 

            Mountain Home has just over 14,000 residents with the 2010 census. It has been the home of Mountain Home Air Force Base since World War II, and appears to be a nice small community about 50 miles south of Boise. We are off the Interstate about one mile. In that mile you can find this neat RV park, a Flying J truck stop for diesel fuel, McDonald’s, a Chinese restaurant, the town golf course, which we played this morning, and of course, a Wal-Mart. What more do we need?! 

            Tomorrow we will be putting Mountain Home behind us as we go another 210 miles towards Washington with our next destination being Eagles Hot Lake RV Park a few miles south of La Grande, Oregon. We will be spending three nights there with the days spent at the Buffalo Peak Golf Course in Union, Oregon, which is a few miles south of the RV Park. 

In the beginning of this post I admitted to a tactical mistake. That mistake was in not moving the coach after 14 days in Idaho Falls. Our original plan was to move the coach at least weekly to see more scenic destinations and discovering new places of interest. I’ll have to keep this in mind during future planning sessions. 

As I write this, at eight in the evening, with the last bits of daylight fading, the sky is slightly hazy due to the fires in the forests north of here. Sadly, nature is taking its course. 

You’d think that after not posting anything for 19 days I could’ve come up with something more interesting. Point well taken! Coming up, we will be in Pasco, Washington visiting old friends for two weeks. Then three days investigating the Columbia River Gorge and ten days with relatives and old friends in the Seattle area. October will find us in three or four areas along the Oregon coast. 

I’m in the middle of reading John Steinbeck’s 1962 book entitled “Travels with Charley – In Search of America”. Steinbeck’s impressions of an earlier RV trip around America with his French Poodle, Charley. Great read! If you haven’t read Steinbeck you might enjoy his descriptive narrative. Of course, Janet, my bride of 35 years on September 4th, smells much better than Steinbeck’s description of a wet Charley. 

From the road, follow us along.

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