Monday, July 22, 2013

Time To Move On Wednesday

           Thursday, July 18, 2013, we drove the 35 miles up Highway 189 out of Provo, Utah to the Wasatch Mountain State Park golf facility. It took about an hour. We had a 9:50 A.M. tee time on the Lake course. I hadn’t played this course for 12 years, or so, and I was really looking forward to it.


As we drove through the town of Midway, Utah, just outside the park, I was impressed with the surroundings that had changed considerably in the last 10 – 12 years. This is really a beautiful rural place. 

We arrived at the golf course early enough to take an hour for breakfast in the coffee shop at the course and we still had plenty of time to hit some practice balls and putt. We were paired with a father and son from Park City. Pop hit the ball a mile and the 20 year old son was just learning the game. Janet’s game continues to improve. Mine is army golf. Right – left – right – left!
The Wasatch Mountain State Park – Lake Course was all I remembered it to be and more. The tee boxes were clipped tight and the fairways were defined in the same manor. The greens were Bermuda grass and rolled about 9 or 10 on the meter. On this course you must pay close attention to what is up and downhill on the greens. 

The question is, “How to put this course in the car and take it with me everywhere I go”. It is that good! 

Here is a passing thought: 

We never really considered leaving on our motor home excursion in a particular “season” during the year. It had more to do with getting our personal house in order. Once we committed to motor homing it turned out we had responsibilities like the lease ending date on the house we had been very comfortable in for three years, and the lease on Janet’s automobile. We knew it was going to take some time to get our personal belongings liquidated, placed, or stored. That was 35 years of accumulation. We were actually very organized once we made the “go” decision on motor homing, but the three or four months before departure were tough on us. Tough right up until the last day. 

When you move your coach into a RV park you are assigned a space and you never know who or what is going to be next door, or how close next door will be to you. So far, we have been lucky. 

As we departed on June 18th we really hadn’t considered it being the summer vacation time.   Schools being out and families going on vacation. Kids being in RV parks and basically everywhere! When I did realized this I remember thinking that we hadn’t been as organized as we could have been. The truth be known now, and that is, motor homing families really do acknowledge an etiquette of sorts and their kids are reasonably well behaved. I thought this might be a problem during the first week out but it turned out to be a false alarm. This, I now blame on my advancing age. 

The coach is our home. All 300 square feet of it. We use this home the same way we use a much larger brick and mortar home in Las Vegas. This is the part that fascinates me more each day. When we haven’t planned anything away from the coach (house) we have the same conveniences as a normal house. We have an automatic satellite dish on the roof that brings in Dish Network. We actually get more channels from Dish than we did from Cox back in the Las Vegas area, and for half the expense. We can always surf the Internet looking for our next RV Park or something amusing to stop and see along our path. We have about 50 of our favorite DVDs onboard. Janet and I have books onboard we have had for years but haven’t read. She has read four so far, and I’m think about it! 

This last weekend was a long and lazy one of sorts. The Open consumed the TV when it was on live. A surprise winner in Phil Mickelson when it was over.  

On Saturday we drove in towards Salt Lake City and had lunch with our niece, Justine, and her husband Hasko, whom we had never met. They have a new home that is turning out to be a bit of a time consuming money-pit to get going. Humorous situations with trees and landscape pipes, and plenty of grass. Everyone should have a house like this one where your patience will be admired later. Janet and I felt that way on a couple occasions in the past 35 years. 

Today, Monday, was “clean the inside of the coach” day. “All hands on deck,” as they used to say in the Navy! This is a once a week experience that doesn’t take but a couple hours. Dumping the tanks is my thrill while Janet handles the dusting and sweeper. The four hour rain storm ten days ago left the outside of the coach sparkling, but I will touch up the windows before we roll on up to Idaho Falls on Wednesday.  Brother-in-law, Gary, and more golf is in store. Maybe we will make side trips to Jackson, WY and Yellowstone N.P. in Montana. Stay tuned!
Until next time - Always signal, and look, before changing lanes. If you make a mistake - that RV you didn’t see will put you back in line!

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