Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Enjoying the Area Around Salt Lake City

            Today is Tuesday, July 16th and the last week has flown by as we have just spent our seventh day at the East Bay RV Park in Provo, Utah. Once again we have exercised our option and decided to spend a second seven days here in the Springville/Provo area. We will be departing for Idaho Falls, Idaho on Wednesday, July 24th

            Back on the 10th of July we moved the 180 miles from Moab, Utah into one of Salt Lake City’s most southern suburbs, Springville, Utah. Springville is approximately 50 miles down Interstate 15 from SLC, and just a couple miles south of Provo where Brigham Young University (BYU) is located. It has been about ten or so years since I’ve been in the area and things are not the same. Provo is going through renovation and it is more beautiful then I remembered. 

            The weather has gone tropical in the Salt Lake City area. Lightning and thunder storms have been predicted almost every day. It rained very hard for about four hours last Friday morning. That got our golf game cancelled that day, but the motorhome and Jeep got a much needed wash.

           As rain pounded the motorhome, our entertainment was compliments of our onboard satellite receiver and Dish Network. Of course Golf Channel and later the Dodgers played the Colorado Rockies. It was interesting listening to the broadcast through the opinions of Denver broadcasters. We watched the movie “Dave”, starring Kevin Kline, and I got to thinking how everyone probably wishes things came out of Washington D.C. with as much simple clarity as provided in this movie. Politics! I’m not going to get started on it. 

            We are within a couple of days of our first anniversary. That is, our first 30 days on the road in our 300 square foot motorhome. Still a little hard to fathom this coach is our home. For the naysayers, and there were more than one, everything is going fine! Of course being retired and virtually without the usual responsibilities has a lot to do with our happiness. I like to describe us as a couple of ducks. In the morning a duck awakes by just taking their head out from under their wing to discover . . . whatever. We can put our motorhome in some most interesting and beautiful places whenever the scenery needs a change. Hopefully all of our readers will come to know this feeling at some point in your lives. 

            Springville, Utah, and the general vicinity around Springville has all of the establishments we frequent. Access to the J.P. Morgan Chase banking system is here. Provo has a couple very nice and modern indoor and outdoor shopping malls. Wal-Mart/Sam’s of course! Mexican food, Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, Subway, and plenty of those frilly places where you pay more and don’t get full. Did I say Mexican food? Oh, ya! 

            We got moving early this past Sunday morning and over to The Preserve at East Bay golf course here in Provo. There were two cars in the parking lot at 8 A.M. on this beautiful morning. We had the practice area to ourselves and we worked on Janet’s chipping for about an hour before moving on to the driving range.  She is definitely getting better. Consequently we played golf Monday at Sleepy Ridge in Orem, Utah. This is a links type course that is better played if you had prior experience with this course. Some blind shots over unplayable swamp areas to large sloping greens were only overcome with the knowledge of my SkyCaddie. Janet donated a ball on all four of those holes. Sleepy Ridge is a nice public facility.  Just look at the picture of the club house (below).  If you get in the area I highly recommend a stop here. Green fees around $40 includes cart but not range balls. 

            You will be up to date with us when I finish telling you about our one hour drive over to the Park City/Heber Valley area this morning. Remember the Winter Olympics were held there in 2002. On the way through the Heber Valley we stopped and made a tee time for Thursday at Wasatch Mountain State Park’s Lake course. Wonderful old mature tree lined course that I have had some history with about 15 years ago. I’m looking forward to Thursday. 

            We drove on to Park City in about 20 minutes and found, quite possibly, the last two hour parking place close to the main fun area in old town. This street is approximately one mile long and has a four or five percent grade from one end to the other. It’s an old mining town with shops on both sides of the street in refurbished buildings that date back over 100 years. The new with the old, and very well done. Hotels, restaurants, expensive shops, and tee shirt shops. All tastefully done in the motif of an elderly town from the past. We enjoyed seeing it. 

            It's 7:15 P.M. and it just started to rain. Nice! Our excursion of a lifetime is going just fine and I’m enjoying telling you about it. Until next time.


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