Thursday, July 4, 2013

As Time Slips By

           Today, Monday, July 1, 2013, is forever known as “Slow Monday” for us. After a very good night’s sleep we got up without a plan. I wonder if that is why we both slept so well?! I guess we can do that every now and again – being retired. The day was beautiful out. Not a cloud in the sky and not a whiff of wind. 

Janet, the cook, decided we shouldn’t eat granola breakfast food and O.J. to start our day, but drive 10 miles to Mancos, CO for a visit to the Absolute Bakery. This was recommended to us by the owner of the RV Park where we are staying in Cortez, and I had actually eaten there when on a road trip with my son, Jim, five or six years ago. Vegetarian (Not by choice!) Huevos Rancheros was fantastic! 

On the way back to Cortez we went back into Mesa Verde N.P. to see the view from what is known as “Park Point”. When we were up at the park last week the fire that was burning out of control at Wolf Creek, about 100 miles southeast of here, had sent smoke into the area and you could only see about 25 miles. Today we could see about 100 miles in every direction. This is one of the most amazing view places I have ever seen in my life! 

By the time we returned to Cortez it was 10:30 A.M. and the temperature was pressing 80 degrees. I took Janet over to the golf course for a little lesson and to hit a bucket of practice balls. By the time we were done she had changed her swing a little and was hitting her tee shots as good as I’ve ever seen her hit them.  

We returned to the coach around 1 P.M. and commenced to go through what amounted to a maintenance day. Janet went about doing 3 loads of laundry, and I went off to advise the owner of the RV Park in her efforts to buy a used golf cart for use on the property. In the end she bought a near new 2009 E-Z-Go that will have new batteries and tires, for less than half the cost of a new one.  

Like most nights, we are eating on the coach for dinner tonight. We have reduced our intake since starting our excursion and consequently each of us has dropped a few pounds.  

Living onboard our RV is just like living anywhere else. We do the same things we would be doing in our house, but the main difference is the view out our living room window in the coach changes every few days. We both find this invigorating and refreshing, and continue to look forward to the months ahead. 

Tuesday, July 02, 2013, started relatively early for us, say 7:00 A.M. We decided in that early hour that this was going to be a work day around the coach. Time to fix things that needed repair, and clean things that hadn’t been cleaned in a while. You have to realize that the 300 square feet of living space gets pretty dirty in a short period of time. The small space needs some cleaning every day and some cleaning every week. We got into it and kind of enjoyed prepositioning some things while cleaning as we went along.

We are well overstocked as far as food supplies and clothing are concerned. We eat the food but there is nothing we can do about the clothing until we get back to Vegas around Christmas. We just brought too many clothes. 

We had lunch at the Elks Lodge again today. That place could be a habit if we lived in the area. Great burgers! 

Shot the breeze here in the RV Park with the guy next door. He and his wife are from Frisco, Texas. That is just north of Dallas. They are experienced RV travelers so we discussed their travels and experiences. They have been from here to there and back – twice. It was fun hearing it. They will be leaving tomorrow A.M. for Moab, UT, and that is where we will be heading next Monday. 

A little V and Monster in the five o’clock hour was relaxing. Even Janet had a V and tonic. Wow!  


Manana was yesterday, Wednesday, July 3rd and nothing happened “manana” other than total relaxation doing absolutely nothing. We had some intentions but even those never came to be, so, manana is now Thursday, July 4th, Independence Day, the birth of the USA in 1776. In Cortez, Colorado, that means a day of rejoicing, followed by fireworks in the city park later this evening. Everyone in Colorado is a little cautious because of the forest fires that have been raging for weeks. I’m sure the local fire department will be in attendance this evening. 

Happy holiday to everyone. Be safe!

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