Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Excursion Begins

           Wouldn't you know it! After four months of agonizing labor getting our possessions sold and getting our coach in shape, and to our liking, we were delayed three days by some broken bay latches. Well, we got them fixed and "The Great Excursion" got underway from Las Vegas yesterday evening around 7:45 P.M.

           We got the coach weighed as we were leaving Las Vegas and were surprised to find we were under on each axle and 300 total pounds under our maximum go weight of 28,000 pounds.  Oh no, we forgot the kitchen sink! We really have too much stuff onboard.

            We were going to go to a national wildlife preserve about 90 miles north of Las Vegas to spend our first couple of days out, but the temperatures in the area have been reaching 105 so we decided to switch and go the RV park behind the Casablanca Hotel here in Mesquite. We have a large generator onboard but the air-conditioner is easier run off the electricity you get from a decent RV park.

            Our destination our first evening will be the west (dry camping) parking lot of the Casablanca Hotel in Mesquite, Nevada. That is about 100 miles from our residence in Henderson, Nevada, which is no longer our residence. To remind everyone; our new home, and ride, is a 2009 Fleetwood Bounder Turbo-Diesel Model 38F. We are towing a 2013 Jeep Patriot. We arrived in Mesquite around 9:30 last night after nursing the coach up Interstate 15 under windy conditions.

            Sleeping in the parking lot of the hotel last night with temperatures in the low 90's reminded me of living in Southeast Asia years ago. A little sticky! Eventually I figured out everyone around us was running a generator for their air-conditioning, so we did also. Still a noise and sticky night.

            We were very lazy getting up this morning and didn't get to breakfast in the hotel until just past ten. We took a quick drive around the Casablanca Hotel RV Park and the Oasis RV Park (run by Casablanca Hotel) to determine the best avail space for us. Good time of the day to do this as each park was virtually empty. We picked a nice big spot with full hookups behind the Casablanca Hotel and moved our coach in immediately for the three night stay. We hooked up the power and water and got our air-conditioning cranked up. Janet is happy!

           The interior of the coach is a mess and lacking organization. We spent the remainder of the morning getting organized. This will take more than a day!

           Early tomorrow morning we will probably practice Janet's golf and get her in tune for that activity a couple times a week. I know she is looking forward to getting back into golf.

More next time.

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