Friday, June 28, 2013

Loving Life in Cortez, Colorado

           Cortez, Colorado is a hoot. The small rural community of approximately 8,500 people is located in the four corners region of southwestern Colorado. Right in the middle of the great Indian nations of the 18th and 19th century. We came here specifically to spend four nights in a cooler climate and visit the Mesa Verde National Park which is about 10 miles down the main highway just outside the RV Park. 

Mesa Verde became a national park in 1906. The Anasazi are the featured Indian tribe in this national park. Their heritage is traced back a thousand years and is highlighted in the park by visiting the ruins that have been preserved by the park service. The cliff dwellings are just amazing and worth the effort if you ever get to the area. 

Janet and I played golf this past Wednesday at the Conquistador Golf Course here in Cortez. It is about two miles from our RV Park. A very nice public, but privately owned, layout of 6,300 yards with beautiful carpet-like greens. We teed off at 8 A.M. when the temperature was 65 degrees. What a switch from Las Vegas where we have noted the temperatures have been reaching near record highs. The temperature was a cool 90 degrees when we finished four hours later. 

Yesterday, Thursday, we took the day off to recover from any soreness that Janet might have since it was her first round of golf in a couple months. The pain didn’t materialize but it was a good day to do exactly nothing. Nothing consisted of visiting the Anasazi Heritage Museum ten miles up the highway in Dolores, Colorado to familiarize ourselves for the trip to the national park. This museum is very well done and we spent four hours there. On our way back to Cortez we stopped at the Elks Lodge in Cortez. It is on the grounds of the golf course, and we went there for lunch. While I am not a member of the Elks we were advised after our prior round of golf that the Elks Lodge doubled as the restaurant and water hole for the golf course. Nice people there took us in wholeheartedly, and it was at this luncheon that we decided to spend not 4 days here in Cortez, but extend for a total of 2 weeks. 

You might wonder what living in the confines of our RV is like if you haven’t tried it. Once all three slides are extended we have about 350 square feet in perfectly designed livable space. Not a lot of space like the massive rooms we had in the 2,800 square foot house in Henderson, but it is just fine for us. We are not running into each other like you might expect. This coach has a full master bathroom just past our queen-sized bed at the back, and a half bath between the kitchen-living area and the bedroom. That half bathroom makes a big difference when we are getting around in the mornings. 

As of today, we have been on the road for 10 days. One of the hardest things we have done in getting ready for this excursion was disposing of 35 years of our “stuff”. It actually took months to accomplish and in the end we still had too much “stuff” left over. We filled a 10 wide by 5 deep storage unit by neatly using plastic container boxes stacked four high. As we put the remainder of our “stuff” onboard the coach on our last day in Henderson we were just putting in on with no real place to store it. We had run out of storage space on a coach that has an extraordinary amount of storage space. 

As we pulled away from the house I could tell the coach was heavy. Heavier than I had ever driven it. Our first stop was the truck stop across from the Silverton Casino to get on the scales to determine if we were overloaded. It ended up that we were properly loaded on each axle and consequently 400 pounds under for the weight of the entire coach. Maximum weight is 28,000 pounds (14 tons), and we weighed in at 27,600 with max gas and water. Whew!

 Today was a fun and interesting excursion to Mesa Verde N.P. except that there is a major forest fire burning about 60 miles southeast of the park and the wind decided to blow smoke our direction. Light but certainly agitating! One of the beautiful characteristics of Mesa Verde is the altitude of the mesa at 8,500 feet. On a clear day you can see for miles, and today wasn’t a clear day. Maybe we will go back up there in the next week if the air quality changes. 

All in all a very good time the last few days. Tis the weekend before Wednesday’s Independence Day and we will be in Cortez until Monday, July 9th. This is one of God’s little spots. 

More in a few days.

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