Monday, June 24, 2013

Catching You Up

            We ended up spending three nights in the RV Park behind the Casablanca Hotel in Mesquite, Nevada. We are certainly more organized now both on the coach and in the basement. We were so happy to get away from Las Vegas after a three day delay that we were just loading our belongings onto the coach, anywhere!

             The RV Park at Casablanca was just what we needed. An inexpensive ($20) spot next to a major hotel with good reasonably inexpensive restaurants. I particularly enjoyed the two eggs, two bacons, two sausages, two pancakes, and hash browns for $3.99.

             We didn’t get in any golf as it was just too hot. I forgot from my prior visits to Mesquite that the golf course was close to the river. Hot temperatures close to a river equal a muggy atmosphere. Very uncomfortable so we deferred our golf until later this week.

             I’m writing this on Saturday, June 22, after we have moved on down the road 120 miles to Kanab, Utah. The altitude here is around 5,000 feet above sea level. Still warm but not the stifling summer heat of Nevada. The Wi-Fi hookups are not the best in Kanab so I’m not sure when this will get posted.

            Kanab has a history of being the area where many western movies and TV westerns were filmed back when they were more popular. As early as the film for the 1924 western Deadwood Coach started it, and eventually the Lone Ranger (1956), The Misfits (1961), Planet of the Apes (1968) McKenna’s Gold (1969), The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976), Maverick (1976) and GunSmoke to name a few.   

             The rock formations around Kanab are beautiful. We are on the edge of the “Grand Staircase-Escalante” which is the staircase effect the rugged mountains project as they work their way down to the Grand Canyon. This is a different type of natural and geological beauty you only acknowledge when you come upon it, because I certainly would have a hard time imagining it if I hadn’t seen it.

             We hung around Kanab after our arrival on Saturday. The 120 mile drive took a couple hours. The rock formations around Kanab are a deep-rich red thing of beauty. A deeper red than Sedona, AZ. Dinner at Nedra’s in downtown Kanab was delightful. I had the “Hot Hamburger” which was a ½ pound hamburger patty and two mashed potato balls smothered in a rich brown gravy. I renamed it “Heart-Attach Heaven!” Why are all the good things heart stoppers?

             We were up early on Sunday and off in our Jeep for the 80 mile trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Kanab, UT elevation was 4,800 feet and I saw a sign near the lodge at the North Rim that said 8,860 feet. It didn’t seem like we were climbing as it was a steady un-noticeable pull. The views of the ditch were amazing and we enjoyed the small crowds that go out of their way to go to the North Rim.

             We got back to Kanab mid-afternoon. Watched a little golf on TV and went to an early dinner at Spur’s Grill in central Kanab. Outside dinning is popular there but we opted for inside. Live music was starting about the time we departed. Yee-ah!

             We departed Kanab and the Crazy Horse RV Park this AM saying good-bye to an uneven parking spot, and no Wi-Fi connection. Our T-Mobile “Hot Spot” didn’t help at all. Thankfully our satellite picked up the Dish signal!

             We departed Kanab, UT at 8 A.M. after staying two evenings. The 320 miles to Cortez, CO too about seven hours. We lost an hour driving east when we arrived in Colorado. Obviously an un-record setting pace due to strong winds during the entire trip, but what the heck, why are we rushing?! Nothing like driving a 14 ton coach in 30 MPH wind gusts. I spent a lot of time driving around 45-50 MPH.

            We finally got a decent Wi-Fi signal at the La Mesa RV Park in Cortez, Colorado, so I’m pecking out a few words this Monday evening, June 24th.  Cortez is a peaceful little town in the southwestern corner of Colorado. It is also gateway to Mesa Verde National Park and other site-seeing places such as Durango and Silverton, CO, and Canyonlands & Moab National Parks up the road in Utah.

We are looking forward to the next few days and will tell you all about it later.

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