Saturday, July 23, 2016

Crater Lake National Park / Sutherlin, Oregon - Escapee RV Park

Our 300 mile drive from Reno, Nevada to Fort Klamath, Oregon was as uneventful as it should be on June 1st. We left Reno on Highway 395 for the back-woods drive. We saw plenty of terrain changes in the next six hours, but it was a beautiful drive through the Modoc National Forrest, and along the Upper Klamath Lake near Klamath Falls, Oregon. I say uneventful but not stress free as some of the mountain roads were only two lane with shear drops if we happened to get off the road that appeared to be only three feet wider than the motorhome. Whew!

We departed the Reno area right at 8:00 A.M. and found our way into the Crater Lake Resort around 3:00 P.M. Excited to see the lake, we rushed our set up on the motorhome and took off to see the lake around 3:30 P.M. The temperature was 75 degree with no wind in the RV Park as we left for the lake. It was about 20 miles to the entrance to the park and another four miles to the visitor’s area at the rim of the most breathtakingly-beautiful view. We took a few pictures with the sun in the west before retreating to the gift shop. The elevation overlooking the lake at the Rim Village is 7,100 feet. The afternoon temperature was 55 degrees with a small breeze of about 3 MPH. I was comfortable in Levi shorts and a golf shirt even though there was plenty of snow off the roads!

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the U.S. at 1,943 feet, and the 9th deepest in the world.

Our RV Park, Crater Lake Resort, is right next to Highway-62 that is the main road to the entrance to the park. The back of the park is right up against a slow moving and very clear river that appears to be two to four feet deep. There are small and large motorhomes in the park along with tent campers, and a dozen or so cabins. Nice park setting! Oh yes, and it is very quiet at night because there is no park traffic at all because the park is closed.

Our day two visit to the lake saw us get away from the RV Park about 9:30 A.M. The passing traffic on the highway had been minimal so entry to Crater Lake N.P. was immediate. We found our way to the Visitors Center and on up to the Rim of the lake to find virtually no one roaming around. We immediately started our tour by driving the west rim of the lake. It was only open for four miles but in these four miles we had a half dozen photo opportunities. By the way, that island in the middle of the lake is a volcano inside of a volcano. It is called Wizard Island and scientists have determined it was formed about 7,300 years ago.

The weather was supposed to be partly cloudy today but it started out in bright sunlight. We felt the pictures we were taking were going to be excellent and some were. Janet packed us a picnic lunch and we figured we would just grab a loose picnic table when it came lunch time. It turned out the weather was 45 degrees on the rim and the wind was blowing about 10 MPH. In shorts and a golf shirt I felt like I was at the North Pole. Around noon we decided to pass on the picnic and headed back down the hill. We saved the picnic lunch for dinner, and headed for a recommended Mexican restaurant, El Rodeo, about 15 miles the other side of our RV Park. It was very satisfying considering we hadn’t had breakfast!

On the way back to the RV Park we went to the local Indian casino to get gas in the Jeep and check out the access to the diesel lanes for our departure on Friday, June 3rd. We will be traveling only about 100 miles heading northwest onto Interstate-5 with our destination being “Timber Valley”, the Escapee Co-Op park in Sutherlin, Oregon. We aren’t sure how long we will be there, but I understand there is a decent golf course nearby!

After Sutherlin, Oregon, we will be visiting the Oregon coast between Reedsport and Astoria for the next couple weeks. We hope it doesn’t rain!

Escapee RV Co-Op Park in Sutherlin, Oregon

It took us about 3 hours to get the 100 miles from Crater Lake Resort in Fort Klamath, Oregon and through the Umpqua National Forest to Sutherlin, Oregon.
It was a beautiful downhill drive through the forest but a semi-stressful drive from the standpoint of driving. We came out of 6,000 feet and down to basically sea level. Our average speed was around 40 MPH as there were many twisty turns and switchbacks to negotiate. We just took it kind of slow.

We checked into “Timber Valley”, the Escapee RV Clubs co-op in Sutherlin, Oregon about 1 P.M. This park has just over 200 spaces. They ushered us to a nice large space and we took about an hour to get all the arrival chores completed. That is kind of slow but we were in no real hurry to get further relaxed from an atmosphere that is always relaxed!

Sutherlin, Oregon is located right on Interstate-5 about 50 miles north of Medford and 70 miles south of Eugene, Oregon. It is 8 miles north of Roseburg. It does have a nice looking golf course but the weather betrayed us by jumping into the mid-90s. The temperature didn’t get us but the humidity was a killer. We ended up closing the motorhome and starting the air-conditioner about 11 A.M. each day.

After a four day stay we ended up leaving Sutherlin on Tuesday, June 7th. Our 80 mile drive west was accomplished in about 3 hours. It was delightful to find the temperature in the low 60s at the Pacific Ocean in Florence, Oregon.

Okay, BooniePeople followers, we are going semi-boonie on this trip. We are staying in the lower parking lot of the Three Rivers Casino in Florence. We got on to this 3 years ago when we were in the area. The casino allows RVers a free stay in this lot for up to 4 days. Of course they hope we will use their casino. Fore sure we will use their buffet!

There is plenty to do in Florence. Many dunes to explore that are ocean-side along with a handful of very decent restaurants. There are two nice golf courses in Florence and we may try them out. When we were here 3 years ago it rained every day.

We will be leaving Florence for a 50 mile drive up the coast to Lincoln City on Sunday, June 12th. Wouldn’t you know it, it is supposed to rain for the next 3 days. Oregon is a beautiful state - even with the rain.

Thanks for following us, Dave & Janet, “The BooniePeople”.  
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Our 2016 Excursion is Underway in Yosemite N.P. (May 17, 2016)

Note: While we started our excursion back on May 17th we have spent most of our time in areas where the data reception was diminished to "2G". It is very difficult to upload the blog, and especially photos, without the full "4G LTE" market provided by our service at T-Mobile.
To bring all that follow our blog up to date I just want to remind everyone that in January 2014 we joined the Escapee RV Club. The clubs home base is about 65 miles north of Houston, Texas, in Livingston. The club supports eleven co-op parks across the country and eight Rainbow parks. By the way, Escapees are fifty-five plus years mature and basically all have the same goals. In the co-op parks each space site is owned by individuals just like us. The co-op parks are independently run by the members of each park. Voting is held every year to appoint new people to run their park. In a co-op each member is responsible to fellow co-members to keep the park up to date and in order. Shared responsibility so to speak.

As of this date, our travels have seen us stay in six of the eleven co-op parks, and six of the seven Rainbow parks. In 2016 we expect to add two more co-op parks and one Rainbow park to our resume. Since we are staying in the western states this year these three parks will be in Sutherlin, Oregon, Lakewood, New Mexico near Carlsbad, and Deming, New Mexico. Of course we stay in many parks outside the Escapee system. So, here we go in 2016.

On Wednesday, May 17th, we left our winter base. Our base for the winter months is the Escapee Co-Op in Pahrump, Nevada.  We are owners of lot 66A in Pahrump. Pahrump has a population approaching 42,000, and it is 55 miles west of Las Vegas, and just a couple miles from the California border. Pahrump has all the necessities RVers are looking for and the town sees excellent stability in catering to the RVing base. I personally like it because it has a very good golf course.

Our destination on this day after a 400 mile drive through the southern San Joaquin Valley of California is Coarsegold, California. The Escapee RV Club’s “Park Sierra” will be our home for the next week. Park Sierra was founded into the Escapee system in 1991, and it is just a few miles from the south entrance to Yosemite National Park.

By chance, or luck of the draw, Janet and I were assigned to the most amazing space to park our motorhome. So amazing we have agreed that this is probably the best space we have ever been in during our four years of traveling. It had full hookups with strong 4G LTE signals for our phones and data line. The space, while facing south, was blocked by beautiful oak and pine trees which precludes our TV’s satellite from picking up DISH. We lived without TV for a week, and that has only happened two other time in four years.
This space is owned by one of the members of the co-op and put up for rent when they are away doing whatever. The money from the rental goes to the income of the co-ops general fund. While the owner is away the co-op has the responsibility of keeping the space in tip top shape for rental, and eventual the owners return.

The space itself is at the top of a small raised hill and it is about twice the size of any other space we have been in – ever - anywhere. It has a nice patio on the passenger side of our motorhome with a private picnic table on a level three feet below the coach. There are four birdhouses and two water features on the space for the bird’s enjoyment. This park is off the main highway far enough to be eerily quiet at night.

We made two different trips into Yosemite National Park during our week in Coarsegold. It was about 20 miles from the RV Park to the south entrance of Yosemite and about another 25 miles to the valley where the lodge is located. From here you can have views of El Capitan and Bridal-Vail Falls. Amazing views we had only seen on TV and in pictures were finally ours.

Being from the Las Vegas area, with all its glitz and glamour, we were induced to take a look at the local Indian Casino – “Chuckchinsi” (Pronounced: Chuck Chin See) Resort and Casino which was just two miles from the RV Park. This casino had a terrific buffet and a couple of very nice restaurants.
We had a plan to play golf but the weather didn’t cooperate on that day. Our week went by quickly and before we knew it we were getting the motorhome conditioned to move on to our second stop in our 2016 excursion. Tomorrow, May 25th we will be moving on to Reno, Nevada.

A Fun Stop Is Reno, Nevada May 25 - June

We put Coarsegold, California and Yosemite N.P. in our rearview mirror on Wednesday, May 25th, for the 300 mile drive on to Reno, Nevada.

While this trip started in clear and sunny weather it slowly deteriorated into sprinkles and eventually a very hard rain just east of Sacramento. While it was raining its hardest in the Donner Pass area of east bound Interstate-80 it suddenly transitioned to a flash snow adventure for about 15 seconds before it went back to just raining. Scary moments if you aren’t used to it, and we weren’t! It just rained the final 25 minutes of our journey into the Reno area. Our destination, for the second year in row, was the Sparks Marina RV Resort in Sparks. Sparks is the eastern suburb of Reno. This RV Park is a half mile from a major shopping area. It also has a new movie theater with all the latest gadgets like tilt back seating. Tuesday is always senior’s day at the movies!

This park has become more popular since we were here last year. It is a very clean park in that there is no real grass in the entire park. They used artificial turf next to each space, and after 11 years it still looks as good as new.

There are plenty of sightseeing type things to do around the Reno area, and we apparently don’t get tired of seeing them as we have been coming here for years. Lake Tahoe is in the mountains about 50 miles from downtown Reno. We spent our honeymoon there in 1978 and have come back to the lake on family vacations over the years.

Virginia City is in the hills about 30 miles southeast. This was a strong silver producing town in the 1800s and remains a western town tourist attraction. If you are lucky you might even run into “Stinky” the old miner that pulls his mule down the main street. Plenty of old history in this town of yester year.

Carson City is 30 miles south of Reno, and today a freeway gets you there. Carson City is the capitol of Nevada and the motif is western.
Yes, I played some poker at the Eldorado Hotel in downtown Reno. A trip to Reno wouldn’t be complete without me attempting to win some of my money back from prior visits. Alas, same results this year at the Eldorado - but the boys in the Sparks Nugget were not so lucky. I got them for more than I dropped in the Eldorado!

Our last night in Reno saw us catch a Triple-A minor league baseball game between the Reno Aces (Arizona Diamondbacks) and the Las Vegas 51s (New York Mets). The ball field in Reno is just two blocks from the major downtown hotel-casinos. Connected to the ball park and just 50 paces from the ticket booths is a Mexican restaurant called Arroyo. We highly recommend Arroyo. Regardless if baseball is being played, this restaurant is always open for lunch and dinner.

That does it for our stay in Reno. Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1st, we will be moving another 300 miles north to Crater Lake Resort in Fort Klamath, Oregon. We are going there specifically to visit “The Lake” at Crater Lake National Park. 

Until next time, thanks for following Dave & Janet a.k.a. “The BooniePeople”.

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Monday, May 2, 2016

SIGHTS WE HAVE SEEN February 2013 - May 2016

It is May 2, 2016, and we are getting ready to get underway for our 2016 excursion. We are leaving Pahrump, Nevada in the next couple weeks headed for Yosemite National Park in California, followed by a week in Reno, Nevada before moving on to Klamath Falls, Oregon where we will visit the beautiful Crater Lake.

We thought you might like to catch up on our whereabouts the last three years. Here is where we have been. The list starts in February 2013 and ends in May 2016.

Jean, Nevada (Boondocking)
Searchlight, Nevada (Boondocking)
Lake Mead National Recreational Area
Willow Beach, Arizona (On the Colorado River)
Clark County Shooting Range RV Park, North Las Vegas, Nevada
Indian Springs, Nevada (50 miles north of Las Vegas)
Death Valley National Park
Zion National Park
Mesquite, Nevada (June 2013)
Kanab, Utah
Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim
Page, Arizona
Cortez, Colorado
Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
Durango, Colorado
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Arches National Park, Utah
Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Wasatch Mountain State Park, Utah
Park City, Utah
Idaho Falls, Idaho
Yellowstone National Park – Old Faithful
Mountain Home, Idaho
Eagle Hot Lake, La Grande, Oregon
Tri-Cities, Washington
Wine Ridge Golf Club, Walla Walla, Washington
Barnard – Griffin Winery, Kennewick, Washington
Umatilla Marina, Washington
Columbia River Gorge, Oregon/Washington
Rufus, Oregon
Stonehenge – Maryhill, Washington
Sam Hill Museum - Maryhill, Washington
The Dalles, Oregon
Whidbey Island, Washington
Sahalee Golf Course, Sammamish, Washington
Copalis, Washington
Seaside, Oregon
Maritime Museum - Astoria, Oregon
Cannon Beach, Oregon
Tillamook Cheese Factory - Tillamook, Oregon
Air Museum, Tillamook, Oregon
Florence, Oregon
Winchester Marina, Oregon
Coos Bay, Oregon
Eureka Hotel - Eureka, California
Napa Valley, California
Pahrump / Las Vegas, Nevada (November 2013 – January 2014)
Cummins Engines Service – N. Las Vegas, Nevada
Freightliner Service – N. Las Vegas, Nevada
Lake Pleasant Marina, Arizona (February 1, 2014)
Wickenburg, Arizona
Cave Creek, Arizona
Botanical Gardens - Phoenix, Arizona
Benson, Arizona
Tombstone, Arizona
Bisbee, Arizona
Pecos, Texas
Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico
Hondo, Texas
The Alamo - San Antonio, Texas
Livingston, Texas – Home of Escapees RV Club
Lake Livingston, Texas
Galveston, Texas
NASA – Johnson Space Center - Baytown, Texas
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Silver Slipper Casino, Waveland, Mississippi
The French Quarter - New Orleans, Louisiana
Gulfport, Mississippi
Beau Rivage Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi
Estate of Jefferson Davis – Biloxi, Mississippi20133
Summerdale, Alabama
Battleship Park – Mobile, Alabama
Gulf Shores, Alabama
National Naval Air Museum, NAS Pensacola, Florida
Corry Station, Pensacola, Florida
Daphne/Fairhope/Foley/Robertsdale, Alabama
Fort Morgan, Alabama
Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida, Home of The Blue Angels
Orange Beach, Alabama
Kelly Plantation Golf Course, Destin, Florida
Bushnell, Florida
Wauchula, Florida
Matlacha, Florida
Sebring, Florida
Holmes Beach, Anna Marie Island, Bradenton, Florida
Solomon’s Castle, Ona, Florida
Lake Placid, Florida
Everglades National Park
Key Largo, Florida
Miami, Florida
Biscayne National Park
Homestead – Miami Speedway
Bluewater RV Resort – Key West, Florida
Hog’s Breath Saloon, Key West, Florida
Sloopy Joe’s – Key West, Florida
The Little White House (Truman), Key West, Florida
St. Augustine, Florida – (Oldest city in U.S.)
Savannah, GA – Downtown
Hilton Head Island, SC
Charleston, SC
Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, SC
Fort Pulaski, near Savannah, GA
Bremen & Villa Rica, Georgia
Cummins Power South, Atlanta, Georgia – Fixed Engine Problem
Knoxville, TN
Heiskell, TN – Raccoon Valley
Oak Ridge, TN
Pigeon Forge/Sevierville/Gatlinburg, TN
Great Smokey Mountain National Park
U. of Tennessee/1982 World Fair Park, Knoxville, TN
Museum of Appalachia, Clinton, TN
Memphis, Tennessee – “”Graceland” / Beale Street
Branson, Missouri
Hutchinson/Scott City/Garden City, Kansas
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Air Force Military Academy, Colorado Springs, CO
Air Force 28-14 over Boise State
Pike's Peak, Colorado Springs, CO
Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO
Cripple Creek, Colorado
Cheyenne Mountain State Park
Taos, New Mexico
Taos Pueblo
Gorge Bridge – Rio Grande River, Taos, NM
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Old Town, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Breaking Bad House, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Albuquerque Balloon Festival 2014
Madrid, New Mexico
Williams, Arizona
Grand Canyon N.P. – South Rim
Flagstaff, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona – Cowboy Club
Jerome, Arizona
Prescott, Arizona
Congress, Arizona – North Ranch
Wickenburg, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
Willow Beach, Arizona (N.R.A.)
Las Vegas, Nevada (November 2014)
Clark County Shooting Complex, North Las Vegas, NV
Cummins Engine Service – N. Las Vegas, Nevada
Pahrump, Nevada
Walker Lake, Nevada (Boondocking)
Sparks Marina RV Park, Sparks (Reno), Nevada
Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Carson City, Nevada (Nevada Capitol)
Virginia City, Nevada
Marsing, Idaho (On Snake River)
Wildhorse Resort-Casino & RV Park, Pendleton, Oregon
Walla Walla, Washington
Sage Hills Golf & RV Resort, Warden, Washington
Trac RV Park – Pasco, Washington
Hendler Residence, Pasco, Washington
Anelare Winery, Benton City, Washington
Bonefish Grill, Kennewick, Washington
Spokane, Washington
Blackwell Island RV Park, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Wallace, Idaho
Sandpoint, Idaho
Kalispell, Montana
Columbia Falls, Montana RV Park
Glacier National Park, Montana
Missoula, Montana
Ponderosa Campground RV Park, Cody, Wyoming
Buffalo Bill Center of the West, Cody, Wyoming
Heart Mountain, Cody, WY (Japanese Confinement Site, WWII)
Chief Joseph Highway - Beartooth Hwy to Red Lodge, Montana
Sturgis RV Park, Sturgis, South Dakota
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
Rapid City, South Dakota
Ellsworth AFB Museum & Tour, Rapid City, South Dakota
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming
Custer State Park, South Dakota
Deadwood, South Dakota
Mitchell, South Dakota
Rochester, Minnesota
Mall of America, Bloomington/Minneapolis, Minnesota
Stop-N-Dock Marina & RV Park, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Two Rivers, Wisconsin – Car Show
Lambeau Field Tour, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Family Motor Coach Association Rally, Madison, Wisconsin
Hidden Valley RV Resort, Milton, Wisconsin
Lake Haven Retreat, Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, Indiana
Lancaster Camp Ground, Lancaster, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio (Easton Shopping Area)
Niagara Falls, New York
Niagara Falls, Canada
Verona, New York – Turning Stone Casino & RV Park
Bourne, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)
Woods Hole – Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
Newport, Road Island
Provincetown, Massachusetts (Cape Cod)
Plymouth & Sandwich, Massachusetts
Hyannis & Dennisport, Massachusetts  (Cape Cod)
Salem, Massachusetts (Witches)
Wells & Kennebunkport, Maine (Bush Family Estate)
St. Johnsbury, Vermont (Moose River RV Park)
Cabot Creamery, Cabot, Vermont
Maple Grove Farms, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream - Stowe, Vermont
Lincoln to Conway, New Hampshire (“The Kanc”)
Ben Franklin RV Park, York, Pennsylvania
Factory Tour, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Civil War Battlefields, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
UTZ Factory Tour, Hanover, Pennsylvania
Rocky Ridge RV Park, Sims, North Carolina
Apache Campground & Pier, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Blacks Automotive Jeep Service – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
St. Augustine, Florida
World Golf Hall of Fame, St. Augustine, Florida
DeFuniak Springs, Florida
Fort Stockton, Texas
El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas
Las Cruces, New Mexico
Escapee RV Club Park - RoVer’s Roost, Casa Grande, Arizona
Casa Grande Ruins
Francisco Grande Golf Resort, Casa Grande, Arizona
Escapee RV Club Park – Pahrump, Nevada (December 1, 2015 - May 10, 2016)

More to follow as we make our way along the road.


Dave & Janet are the "BooniePeople".

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Our Travels From September 8th - December 31st, 2015

It is April 17, 2016 and we are in our winter camping park in Pahrump, Nevada. Pahrump is fifty miles west of Las Vegas and four miles from the California border. Pahrump has approximately 38,000 residents plus a few thousand RVers, like us, that hangout here during the winter months. 

We have just started to give considerations to our excursion for 2016. How can this be? We haven’t told you about the end of travels in 2015. As they say, “My-Bad”! Well, I’m going to catch you up before we move on to the 2016 plan. The last time I added an entry to this blog was September 23, 2015, so, here is what happened since then. This blog entry will be a long one but it will catch everyone up on our travels.  

Our drive on Tuesday, September 8th from Lancaster, Ohio to Niagara Falls, NY took us through Canton, Akron, and Cleveland, Ohio. Along Lake Erie and into the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area during the late afternoon. It was really an uneventful drive, as they go, until we arrived into the Buffalo area where we hit some afternoon commute traffic. Our destination was the Niagara Falls Campground on Niagara Falls Boulevard about 6 miles from the main attraction, and our reason for being here, Niagara Falls. 

This RV Park was very functional. While it was in the inner city and on a major street the street noise was not noticeable, and we stayed there for three nights. 

The morning after our arrival we headed out for Niagara Falls around 8 A.M. It took us about 15 minutes for the 6 mile drive to the falls. As fate would have it the weather was calling for morning showers and partly cloudy weather the rest of the day. Parking was plentiful at this hour of the morning and we parked within a couple hundred yards of the bridge to Canada. This area of the city is obviously the main attraction and it is kept clean and presentable. Plenty of restaurants and shops.  

We didn’t know where we were going and ended up walking down a path that would take us over the bridge to Canada. We found out that most tourists don’t know that the wonderful views and pictures of Niagara Falls are on the Canadian side. As we started across the walking sidewalk on the bridge it started to sprinkle. It is about a quarter to a half a mile walk across the bridge. We started to pick up the magnificent views of the falls from the bridge. By the time we reached the center of the bridge it was pouring down rain. The temperature was around 75 degrees so it wasn’t uncomfortably cold but we were drenched by the time we reached the center of the bridge. I mean, you couldn’t get wetter if you stood under the running water in your shower. We were dripping as we walked into the Canadian customs office and presented our passports. Simple questions from the Canadian border agent about the purpose of our visit to Canada and we were released to be tourists in less than 30 seconds. The rain was stopping! 

This area, directly across the bridge, has a carnival atmosphere. It is very clean with many attractions, restaurant, and hotels. The falls are always in the view and they are about a mile upstream from the bridge. There is a very wide pathway that moves along the cliffs above the river that gives the great views of the falls. Many angels were available for the photographic minded. On this cloudy day with the lighting constantly changing the photographic minded were challenged. That was me! 

We went into the newest casino in Niagara Falls, Canada. It reminded me of the plushness and deep color tones in the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. We also went up about 800 feet in the Canadian space needle. Another great view of the falls from this height. 

We had breakfast in one of the convenient locations. Something along the lines of a Denny’s or International House of Pancakes. We felt a little strange as wet as we were!

We owed $20 (Canadian) and I paid for the breakfast with a visa card. I noticed the next day that this equated to about $15 in U.S. money.  

Eventually we slowly worked our way through some of the shops and back across the bridge where we entered the customs facility on the U.S. side. We were interviewed as a couple, and while this process only took a couple of minutes, the demeanor of the agents showed a distinct manner of professionalism and caution.  

On our second day in Niagara Falls we retoured much of the same area we had covered the prior day. The difference being the weather had changed to a bright, clear, and sunny day that provided some different photographic moments. A trip to Niagara Falls should be on everyone’s bucket list!  

On Friday, September 11th we got underway about 9 A.M. Our destination was a couple hundred mile drive down Interstate-90 on the New York Turnpike (toll road) to Verona, NY, and a three night stay at the Turning Stone Resort & RV Park. This drive took us about three and a half hours as we passed just south of Rochester, NY, and right through Syracuse, NY. A simple drive that put us into our RV Park in the early afternoon. The setting in the RV Park was like living in a well-kept park. It was a newer park that provided large RV sites that were not right up against your neighbor. Plenty of moving around room. 

We took the drive over to the Turning Stone Resort & Casino around 4 P.M. This is a large casino much like you find in Las Vegas. We headed for the buffet and found it very worth the venture. The magnetic appeal to the casino didn’t get to us and we escaped this afternoon adventure feeling just stuffed.
The weather got a little dicey with electrical storms in the area and we stayed close to the RV Park for the weekend. The TV satellite is coming in handy with the end of the baseball season heating up and football season in full bloom. Janet continues to read every paperback book in site. She has her favorite authors. As I write this blog entry on this day I’m sure she has read over 500 paperbacks since our adventure started back in June 2013. 

We departed Verona, NY about 7:30 A.M. on Monday, September 14th heading down the New York Turnpike past Albany, NY before turning east on Interstate-90 towards the Boston, Massachusetts area. Actually our day’s destination is on Cape Cod at the Bay View Campground in Bourne, Massachusetts, 60 miles south of Boston, and 345 miles from Verona.  

The drive was uneventful and took just over 7 hours. We arrived in Bourne, Massachusetts in the middle of the afternoon. The Bay View Campground is a large park with varying degrees of elevation. The spaces are large and have fire pits. It has been run for many years by the same family. We picked this park because of its central location to the tourist areas we wanted to visit in the Boston area, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, and Newport Rhode Island. 

This week was made even more enjoyable by the arrival of our daughters from Las Vegas. They will be staying for the week we spend in the Boston area. 

If you have been reading this blog for a year or so you might remember that our daughters joined us in Miami, Florida in May 2014 and visited Miami, Key West and St. Augustine, Florida followed by Savanah and Charleston, South Carolina before flying home. 

To maximize their time in the Boston area the girls took a red-eye flight from Las Vegas and arrived at 6:45 A.M. With the traffic rumors of the Boston area we had heard, we left Bourne for the Boston airport at 5 A.M. The traffic started backing up 50 miles south of Boston and we were immediately afraid we hadn’t started early enough. We finally drove onto the airport premises at exactly 6:45 A.M. and received a text message that they had arrived a few minutes early. We met them at the curb without parking, and headed back to Bourne. I felt this was a lucky result! 

Over the next 7 days we had fun visiting around the Boston area. We departed out of Woods Hole on Cape Cod for the short 30 minute Ferry boat ride to Martha’s Vineyard where we had lunch and discovered the island. It reminded me of the west coast around Newport Beach in California. But not as crowded! We were thankful to visit Cape Code just after “the season” had ended. 

We visited the Newport, Rhode Island and spent the day walking around discovering the mansions of the upper class from 100 years ago. Many have been restored. The opulence of that time was incredible! We ended the day with a spectacular and unforgettable dinner at the Castle Hill Inn in Newport. What a setting at dusk! 


On Cape Cod we visited Provincetown, Hyannis, Dennis, Plymouth, and Sandwich. We saw the surprisingly small “Rock” in Plymouth, and had nice leisurely lunches in Provincetown, Plymouth, and Dennis.  

We were unsuccessful in our witch hunt in Salem, MA, but did have some decent pizza. We enjoyed the atmosphere of the town and the ease of driving through Boston on a Sunday. 

We visited downtown Boston on the girls last day, Tuesday, September 22nd, and then dropped them at the airport around 5 P.M. for their 7 P.M. departure for Las Vegas. 

We stayed in Bourne for two more nights before packing it up and leaving on Thursday, September 24th for the 175 mile drive north to Wells, Maine. This drive went off without a hitch. A beautiful countryside drive that eventually came to the Atlantic Ocean as we moved into Maine. We stayed in Wells at the Sea-Vu West RV Resort for four nights. This was a delightful park that was well maintained. It was just a couple miles from the Interstate and a couple miles from the highway along the coast. 

Eventually we took the coast highway to Kennebunkport, Maine to view the Bush Family estate. We did this on a weekday and the crowds were minimal. Downtown Kennebunkport reminded me of Carmel, California. The Bush Estate, guarded by Secret Service, appeared to be six or seven separate residences built on raised rocks that protrude into the Atlantic Ocean. Security looked adequate! 

We were in Wells over a weekend and it was extremely crowded on the coast highway. By extremely I mean it was backed up and moving slowly for five miles in the north bound lanes. We eventually aborted our southerly drive and Janet found our location on the maps section of her I-Pad and guided us back to our RV Park on back streets. 

On Monday, September 28th, we moved 140 miles north to St. Johnsbury, Vermont. This was our basic three hour drive up a very picturesque Interstate Highway – 93. St. Johnsbury is a small town about 50 miles from the Canadian border below Quebec. We had a two day reservation to stay at the Moose River Campground in St. Johnsbury but quickly changed the reservation at check-in to a total of seven days. 

Our purpose of going into northern Vermont was to be sure we would see the seasonal change of colors in the surrounding areas. Unfortunately the weather remained unseasonably warm and we didn’t get to see the changes we had anticipated. 

During our stay in St. Johnsbury we were treated to a very heavy two day rain storm. There was a small running river right next to the RV Park that came within a foot of coming over the its bank and into the park. We were on a piece of higher ground so it probably wouldn’t have been a problem for us. Later, Mary, the owner of the park said the river had come over its banks a couple years early and done about $50,000 worth of damage. Somewhat un-nerving! 

We did get out of the park most every day. We took driving trips to Montpelier, the capitol of Vermont, and Stowe was about 60 miles to our west. Stowe is a major skiing area during the winter months and usually beautiful during this autumn seasonal change. But this year the color had not arrived yet.  
Montpelier, Vermont
We also visited the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream factory in Stowe, and the Cabot, Vermont Dairy Co-Op gave us a nice tour before we stocked up on their products. Cheese and crackers is a main meal of RVers when the cook goes on vacation! This cheese was exceptional. Janet says the Cabo, brand of yogurt is the best she has ever had, but they don’t sell it in the west. 

Headquarters - Stowe, Vermont

We also took a one hour drive from St. Johnsbury back south down Interstate-93 to Lincoln, New Hampshire, and then went on the Lincoln to Conway, New Hampshire drive in search of foliage color changes in the area. This is a popular drive known as “The Kanc” to locals. But, it was not to be. The colors had barely started to change in some areas of the drive. This was a very scenic drive. 

Our drive on Monday, October 5th from St. Johnsbury, Vermont to York, Pennsylvania was 500 miles and took us about 9 hours. We started in Vermont and went through parts of Massachusetts and New York before driving halfway across Pennsylvania before reaching the Harrisburg/York area, which was very busy due to the hour we arrived. Actually we just missed the commuting hour and it was still awful. 

We had a week’s reservation in the Ben Franklin RV Park in York which was right in the middle of a few of the local tourist attractions. The weather was about 80-85 degrees and the humidity reminded us of the southeast. Naturally it rained a little to keep it steamy. We kept the motorhome closed up and ran the air conditioning most of the time. 

York appeared to be a blue collar town just south of the state capitol of Harrisburg. We were just a couple of miles from a spaghetti bowl of freeways that took us in every direction. On different days our sightseeing took us 20 miles east to Hershey, Pennsylvania to visit the chocolate kiss maker. This was a very crowded amusement park.

Another day we drove south 15 miles south to Hanover, Pennsylvania and toured the UTZ potato chip and crack makers production plant. This was very interesting to see how the different products were mass produced. While potato chips are rather fragile they ship an amazing amount of them every single day. We tasted the various flavors. This was a worthwhile and uncrowded attraction. 

Naturally, the number one attraction was 30 miles to the west of our RV Park in York. It is the Gettysburg National Military Park. This park is part of the National Park Service and is very well done. The visitors center and park museum are like no other I have seen. The story leading up to and after the three days in July, 1863 is well told. We took a park service air-conditioned bus with an onboard Park Ranger that told the story of the battle in about three hours. We were on and off the bus about five times as the ranger told the story. The loss of life was staggering! It was hair raising as we took the tour, just as it is for me right now writing about it. Just reflecting on the experience! 


Personally, I was astounded at the size of the main battlefield for the amount of action going on, and the amount of soldiers involved. While there was more than one battle line drawn in the Gettysburg battlefield area the actual main battlefield appears to be just a couple miles square. In my mind that was just too small. 

I hope everyone gets a chance to visit Gettysburg at some point. 

We left York in our rearview mirror on a rainy and drizzly Monday morning, October 12th. We determined our destination, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was too far to go in one day.  I made a one night reservation to stay 350 miles south in Sims, North Carolina. 

We were pleasantly surprised to find the Rock Ridge Campground about four miles off Interstate-95. It was in among farms in rolling hills. There was a small lake on the premises that was loaded with fish. The trees were high and the winds were light. It was very quiet and comfortable for the night. It was beautiful! 

We got started the next morning around 8 A.M. Our destination, Myrtle Beach, was still a couple hundred miles southeast. 

We arrived in Myrtle Beach around noon and were surprised to find how far it was off the mainstream interstate highway. Near 85 miles! It was a nice drive down two lane highways and through smaller towns. Really enjoyable. 
We were in Myrtle Beach to see Jim and Sharon B. Jim was a business associate of mine from the 1970s to the 90s in California. Of course I was interested in seeing some of the golf courses in the Myrtle Beach area. Our reservation was for a week in North Myrtle Beach right on the ocean at the Apache Campground & Pier.  

For starters it turned out that there had been a severe rain storm in the area the previous week and the golf courses were closed with puddles in the fairways. Disappointing!  

We were not really specific about what day we would turn up in Myrtle Beach and Jim’s wife turned out to be in Charlotte visiting her grandchildren. We got together with Jim for dinner in Murrell’s Inlet, and when Sharon came back a couple days later we did it all again. It was good to see Jim and Sharon and discuss the old days. Both dinners remain memorable.  

On Wednesday, October 21st we headed 320 miles further south down Interstate-95 to St. Augustine, Florida to visit the area and specifically the World Golf Hall of Fame.  

We arrived in St. Augustine in the mid-afternoon and realized right away that rain was in the forecast. The Stagecoach RV Park was still showing signs (puddles) of the last storm to pass. It did rain through the night but for the remaining three days were dry.  

During the stay we toured the coast south of Jacksonville and stopped in Ponte Vedra . . . to go to the bank. The drive from St. Augustine north to Ponte Vedra was approximately 25 miles of driving next to the beach. We past many beautiful homes. 

I visited the World Golf Hall of Fame. This is where the “Golf Gods” are memorialized, so, scratch that off the bucket list. Very classy and worth the stop. Since this was my 59th year playing golf I was more than satisfied with the presentations in the hall. Be sure and stop here if you are in the neighborhood. 
We toured downtown St. Augustine and had lunch upstairs at A1A Ale Works overlooking the main street along the water and the bridge. Go there! 

On Sunday, October 25th, we headed west 320 miles on Interstate-10 to the Destin, Florida area to visit Bob and Sandye C. for a little golf and fun but the weather did not cooperate with us. We got caught up in the following storms from a hurricane that came out of the Pacific and across Mexico and into the southern states.  

Golf got cancelled and we sat out travels for a couple days. On Wednesday, October 28th we took off on Interstate-10 and beat the hurricane’s trailing storms by driving cautiously 1,075 miles from DeFunicak Springs, Florida to Fort Stockton, Texas - in 20 hours.  

In was 3 A.M. when we pulled into the Walmart parking lot in Fort Stockton. This was a first for us, but there were 12 other motorhomes in the highly lighted parking area. Thank you Walmart for welcoming RVers into your parking lots overnight! We were asleep in 10 minutes after the curtains were closed. 

We were up and out of the Walmart parking lot at 9 A.M. on Thursday, October 29th and heading 285 miles up Interstate-10 through El Paso, Texas and into Las Cruces, New Mexico. We checked into the Sunny Acres RV Park in Las Cruces in the early afternoon for a three day stay, and the rain caught up with us that evening.  

We need more time in Las Cruces and plan on getting back there in the next year. 

On Monday, November 2nd we moved the final 350 miles to Casa Grande, Arizona where we will spend the next month detoxing from the quick journey across the southern U.S. When we were planning our excursion for 2015 it ended at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and we had no further “planned” stops. We knew we wanted to go to Myrtle Beach, St. Augustine, and Destin, Florida, but we didn’t know if we would have time. It turned out we could make it to those places but the bad weather found us and longer stops in those places were curtailed. Janet and I came up kind of home sick as November came around so we pressed getting to the west because we had no real plan. We saw no further rain during the month we spent at Rover’s Roost, the Escapee RV Club’s initial RV Park which is 50 miles south of Phoenix. 

We met Janet’s brother and his wife Ann, and Janet’s brother Greg and his daughter Janina at the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino south of Phoenix for a Sunday lunch. They all have lived in the Phoenix area for years, and we enjoyed catching up with them. 

My son, and Janet’s step-son, Jim, drove down from Las Vegas and spent a couple weekend days with us. It was exciting to explore the Casa Grande Ruins and Monument about 15 miles northeast from Casa Grande in Coolidge, Arizona. These Indians had a method of irrigation used to get water to their crops out in the southwestern desert. 

Rover’s Roost is located out in the country about seven miles from the Casa Grande downtown area. It is only 2 miles from the Francisco Grande Hotel & Golf Resort which is also out in the country on its own. The hotel and golf course were initially developed by the San Francisco Giants baseball club for use as a spring training facility. The facility had four baseball diamonds from 1961 through 1984. Today those baseball fields are soccer fields. The grill in the hotel serves an excellent half pound cheeseburger. We ate there weekly, but I used the driving range at the golf resort almost daily. 

On Monday, November 30th, we left Rover’s Roost in Casa Grande, Arizona for the 400 mile move to our winter hangout in Pahrump, Nevada. That is where we remain today. We have made friends of many people here at “Pair-A-Dice”, the Escapee Co-Op RV Park in Pahrump. Besides, there is a really nice golf course here, and many new friends have been made there. 

So, that catches everyone one up. 

Right now, April 17, 2016, we are talking about our excursion in 2016 and it looks like we will have our medical exams out of the way and we should be on the road about May 11th. Our first stop looks like it will be Yosemite National Park near Fresno, California. Janet and I, being native west coasters, surprisingly have never been to Yosemite. My camera is ready and we are looking forward to the vistas. Follow us along in 2016 and I promise to post this blog much more often that 2015. 

Tally-Ho from Dave & Janet, a.k.a., The BooniePeople.